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Edited by: Andrew Dunn

South Carolina is a beautiful Southern state with a rich history in Charleston and Spartanburg and a beautiful coastline in places such as Myrtle Beach or Hilton Head Island. Although SC is an ideal state for those looking for gorgeous weather, the heat and humidity can be detrimental to your home’s major appliances and systems. A policy from one of the best home warranty companies in South Carolina can protect your home from costly repairs and replacements and offer you some peace of mind. Luckily, each of the below home warranties covers all locations in South Carolina.

Read our guide to learn a little more about:

  • What you can expect to pay for your home warranty in South Carolina
  • The home components that you can expect your warranty to cover
  • Factors to consider when you think about the best home warranty option for you
  • Information on our top-recommended home warranty providers offering policies in South Carolina
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Choosing a home warranty in South Carolina can be difficult—especially if you’ve never purchased a home warranty before. We’ve created a complete guide to help homeowners learn more about the benefits of investing in a home warranty.

We’ll also provide you with a little more state-specific information that you can use to select the best possible home warranty where you live. 

If you own a home, your mortgage provider probably required that you purchase homeowner’s insurance as a condition of your loan. Homeowner’s insurance protects you and financially compensates you in the event that an adverse weather event or other emergency damages your home’s systems or appliances.

While homeowner’s insurance is an essential protection, it will also only cover you under a specific set of circumstances. This means that if your appliances or home systems suddenly break down as a result of normal wear and tear, you’ll be forced to cover the costs of a repair or replacement out-of-pocket. This can mean spending thousands of dollars, taking out a loan, or maxing out a credit card.

A home warranty covers the cost of home system and appliance repairs in the event that these items break down in a situation outside of an emergency covered by your homeowner’s insurance. When you think about the average cost of a home system or appliance repair, investing in a home warranty can be a smart choice. But with so many home warranty providers offering policies across the Palmetto State, how can you be sure that you’ve got the best possible policy for your needs?

We’ve created a comprehensive guide to our favorite home warranty providers, what they offer, and what you can expect to pay for each policy. We’ll also provide you with a few tips that you can use to find the best coverage based on where you live.

Best Home Warranty Companies in South Carolina

  # 1 Our Top Choice Choice Home Warranty
Editorial Rating 98.5
  • All plans have comprehensive coverage. Most other home warranty plans cover either just systems or just appliances.
  • Choice’s coverage caps are $3,000 per item, per year for most major systems and appliances beating the industry average.
  • Choice Home Warranty doesn't exclude older homes, so you can still get coverage regardless of the age of your property.
  # 2 Liberty Home Guard
Editorial Rating 98
  • $200 off + 1 Month Free + Free Roof Coverage!
  • BBB's Only A+ Accredited Home Warranty Company!
  • 60-day workmanship guarantee compared to the average of 30 days.
  • More than 20 options, including window washing, swimming pools, and irrigation.
  • 24/7 service calls
  # 3 American Home Shield
Editorial Rating 97.6
  • With over 52 years of experience and 1.7 million customers AHS has a long history in the industry.
  • American Home Shield, lest you choose a service fee that works for your budget.
  • Coverage caps for systems are unlimited across all three plans and are either $3000 or $6000 for appliances.
  # 4 Select Home Warranty
Editorial Rating 97.2
  • $150 off + 2 months free
  • FREE Roof Leak Coverage
  • Good selection of plans
  • Must file claims within 3 days
  • $75 cancellation fee
  • Save up to $150 on a new plan
  • Choose your own service fee!
  • Lower chance of claim denial
  • Higher fee for contract transfer
  • Higher cancellation fee
  # 6 First American Home Warranty
Editorial Rating 94.9
  • Best Customer Service 2020
  • $100 Instant Online Discount
  • Plans from $25/m
  • Automatically renewed policy
  # 7 Cinch Home Services
Editorial Rating 96.5
  • First 2 Months Free on all Plans! (exclusions apply)
  • Industry-leading 180-day workmanship guarantee
  • $500 Homeowner insurance deductible reimbursement
  • Thousands of reliable & fast local service providers
  • 24/7 customer service
  • Low cancellation fee

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Top 7 Best Home Warranty Companies in South Carolina

No time to read our full review? The table below summarizes the costs and coverage ratings you’ll find with our recommended providers. 

ProviderBest ForMonthly CostService FeeBBB Rating
Choice Home WarrantyBest Overall$45 - $53$85D+
Liberty Home GuardBest Customer Service$45 - $54$75A-
American Home ShieldMost Customizable$25 - $75$75 - $125B
Select Home WarrantyMost Affordable$44 - $48$60B-
Americas First Choice Home ClubBest For Customization$46 - $68$75 - $125B
First American Home WarrantyBest Appliance Coverage$52-$77$75 - $125B
Cinch Home ServicesBest Add On Coverage$35 - $50$100 - $150B

South Carolina Warranty Costs 

Most homeowners will make their final decision regarding a home warranty based on the costs involved with the plan. The cost of a home warranty varies depending on the monthly pricing, service fees, and coverage caps. The more coverage you add to your policy, the more expensive the plan is going to be. When starting your shopping for a home warranty, it makes sense to consider the averages across the state of South Carolina. If you have a general idea of the annual cost, you can ensure that you are getting a great deal for your South Carolina home warranty. At Review Home Warranties, we have done the in-depth research to give you the average home warranty costs for all home types.


Average Annual Premium



Single Family Home








Home Over 5,000 sq. ft.


Home Under 5,000 sq. ft.


South Carolina Home Warranty Companies Reviews

There are dozens of home warranty providers operating across the country—and the best policy for you will vary depending on the specific composition of your home and your budget. The following are a few factors you’ll want to keep in mind when you begin comparing policies.

  • Premium prices: Your premium is the monthly price that you’ll pay towards your home warranty. Your premium is due each month, even if you don’t use your coverage. This makes it especially important to choose a policy that you know you can comfortably afford each month.
  • Service fees: Home warranties come with service fees that you’ll need to pay to your technician each time that you use your policy. Your service fee remains the same no matter the actual cost of the repair that you receive. For example, if your policy includes a service fee of $75, you’ll pay your technician $75 for any type of covered repair or replacement. Choosing a higher service fee can usually help you save money on your premiums.
  • Coverage limits: Like most types of home protection, your home warranty will include an annual or lifetime limitation on the total value of repairs that you can claim. Depending on the plan, you might have limitations on each individual item covered on your plan, an overall limit, or both. Be sure to choose a plan with a sufficient limit.

Keep these features in mind as we explore the top six home warranty providers in South Carolina.

1. Best Overall: Choice Home Warranty

Looking for the best home warranty in South Carolina for you? Contact Choice Home Warranty today.

Founded in 2008, Choice Home Warranty offers home warranty service contracts to repair or replace home appliances or systems that break. Their easy-to-understand plan options make them the best overall choice when choosing a home warranty provider. The two plans offered, the Basic Plan and Total Plan, tell you exactly what is covered making buying a home warranty easy for anyone. Choice Home Warranty plans also offer optional coverage to add on to your plan.   

These easy plan options are available for homeowners in South Carolina and Choice Home Warranty also offers home warranty plans for real estate professionals. They make it easy for you to sign up for coverage. You click on the button labeled “get your quote,” input some personal information, and begin comparing coverage choices immediately. When you choose to pay the cost of the year in full, Choice Home Warranty will give you a free extra month of coverage.  



Guarantees labor within 30 days and parts within 90 days of provided repairs

The Basic Plan may not provide adequate coverage for all parts of your home

Affordable monthly cost


Over 15,000 contractors are available so you can get service quickly 


Straightforward quote process 


Plans, Pricing, and Coverage

Choice Home Warranty offers two plan options: the Basic Plan and the Total Plan. The Basic Plan includes coverage for your heating system, electrical system, ceiling fans, cooktop exhaust, garage door opener, plumbing system, oven and range, microwave, plumbing system, toilet, water heater, dishwasher and ductwork. Homeowners in South Carolina can expect to pay $45 per month for the Basic Plan with an $85 service fee. 

The Total Plan is Choice Home Warranty’s more comprehensive plan option. It includes coverage for everything found on the Basic Plan in addition to an air conditioning system, refrigerator and clothes washer and dryer. Homeowners in SC can expect to pay $55 a month plus an $85 service fee when they use their plan. 

Take a deeper look at Choice Home Warranty’s protection plans:

  • Basic Plan ($45 per month): Choice Home Warranty only has two plans, and the Basic Plan is the more affordable of the two. There are 14 total covered items, including ceiling fans, cooktop exhaust fans, dishwasher, ductwork, garbage disposal, ductwork, electrical system, garage door opener, heating system, oven, microwave, plumbing system, toilet, and water heater. South Carolina homeowners should note that this plan does not cover air conditioning. 
  • Total Plan ($53.33 per month): The Total Plan from Choice is the more comprehensive option with a total of 18 covered items. The 18 covered items include the 14 from the Basic Plan with the addition of the AC, refrigerator, washer, and dryer. Most find that the few extra dollars per month are worth it for this extra coverage.
  • Optional add-ons: For those that have extras around the home like central vacuum, septic tank, sump pump, well pump, and the pool and spa, Choice Home Warranty offers add-on coverages. These coverages start at around $5.00 per month.


Cost Per Month

Service Fee

Basic Plan



Total Plan



What Customers Are Saying:

Customer reviews of Choice Home Warranty are mixed across platforms. The company is currently not accredited with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and maintains a rating of “C.” Customers who had a good experience with Choice Home Warranty frequently praised the professionalism and responsiveness of their technicians. Customers who rated Choice poorly claim that their home warranty denied their requests for service even when their contract stated they should have been provided with a repair.

"We have been a customer of [Choice] for several years and used it twice, last yesterday. We called late [in the evening], got an immediate email confirmation and within 60 minutes [we got a] confirmation that a technician [will]  be at our house between 11 and 3 pm the following day…He solved our problem in 30 minutes." - Phil T.

For more information, read our Choice Home Warranty review. 

2. Best Reviewed: Liberty Home Guard

Are you a homeowner or real estate professional looking for the right home warranty? Compare plans and get a free quote from Liberty Home Guard today.

Liberty Home Guard have plans available without a home inspection and without consideration for the age of the home, which can be especially beneficial if your systems or appliances are older. Offering coverage across 45 states including South Carolina, they provide three plan options: the Appliance Guard, Systems Guard, and Total Home Guard. As the names suggest, Appliance Guard offers coverage for home appliances such as the refrigerator, while Systems Guard covers home systems such as air conditioning and electrical units. 

Liberty Home Guard is BBB accredited and a highly-rated home warranty provider. With their advanced technology they are able to study and evaluate the systems and appliances that are most likely to break down within your home to ensure you’re covered for these necessities. Many customers have reported that they received quick service from Liberty Home Guard, which is 1 of the most common complaints in the home warranty industry



Technicians must be “LHG-Certified” to provide services 

Newer company with only 3 years of experience servicing policies 

Coverage for appliances without requiring home inspection or maintenance record


Offer exclusive discounts for some of the industry's top brand name appliances and systems


Coverage limitations reset every 365 days


Plans, Pricing, and Coverage:

Liberty Home Guard offers three coverage plans to SC homeowners: Systems Guard, Appliance Guard, and Total Home Guard. A Total Home Guard plan for a single family home smaller than 5,000 square feet in South Carolina has a base price of $54.33 per month. The cost increases with each add-on you choose, with some popular add-ons including limited roof leak, central vacuum and pool and spa. The Appliance Guard plan has coverage on 11 major appliances for $44.99 per month and the Systems Guard plan offers coverage on nine major systems for $49.83.

The LGH service fee will be $75 for any service call. Although prices for Liberty Home Guard may seem high, this home warranty company offers excellent coverage and has a low claim denial rate. Needless to say, you can't go wrong with a Liberty plan as your home warranty in SC.

Here’s a more detailed look at Liberty Home Guard’s plans:

  • Appliance Guard ($44.99 per month): The Liberty Home Guard Appliance Guard plan has excellent appliances as part of the plan. These will include a refrigerator, cooktop exhaust fan, ceiling fans, dishwasher, oven, clothes dryer, clothes washer, garage door opener, microwave, garbage disposal, and refrigerator ice-maker. This is a great starter plan for someone new to home warranties and has a coverage limit of around $1500. 
  • Systems Guard ($49.83 per month): The Systems Guard plan is essentially the opposite of the Appliance Guard and covers nine systems. The Systems Guard plan is slightly higher in price because of the high cost to repair home systems. The systems included in this plan are air conditioner, electrical system, bath exhaust fan, ductwork, heating system, plumbing and plumbing stoppages, toilet, and water heater. 
  • Total Home Guard ($54.33 per month): The Liberty Home Guard is offered for just a few dollars more than the Systems Guard, but it has 20 covered items, including both systems and appliances. With the Total Home Guard, you can have peace of mind about the entire home. 
  • Optional add-ons: When it comes to add-on coverages, Liberty Home Guard is known for being one of the best on the market. The extensive list of add-on coverages includes re-key service, pest control, gutter, and floor cleaning, lawn sprinklers, and wine refrigerators—Add-ons costs range from $39.99 to $249.99 annually.


Cost Per Month

Service Fee

Appliance Guard



Systems Guard



Total Home Guard



What Customers Are Saying: 

Reviews of Liberty Home Guard are mostly positive across multiple independent review platforms. Liberty Home Guard is accredited by the BBB and maintains an A- rating. Customers who had a positive experience with Liberty Home Guard frequently were straightforward in their praise of Liberty Home Guard—the company kept its promises and provided quick repairs for covered items. However, some customers claim that they were told that they were responsible for covering the cost of labor when they were in need of a replacement.

"***** represented himself and the company in a very professional way. He was also very sympathetic about the current issue. His patience while we exchanged the needed paperwork was helpful. I wish more customer service representatives had his sense of humor, knowledge and patience."- Irvinia R.

For more information, read our Liberty Home Guard Review.

3. Most Customizable: American Home Shield 

American Home Shield takes the prize for most customizable with their tiered plans. AHS offers three tiered plans, allowing for optimal flexibility when choosing a plan. They also offer a number of add-ons for each plan, such as electronic coverage and pool and spa coverage. Their plans include ShieldSilver, ShieldGold and ShieldPlatinum, with ShieldSilver being the most basic coverage plan and ShieldPlatinum being the most comprehensive plan. 

American Home Shield offers additional coverage for situations when most companies will deny you coverage. For example, their plans include coverage for improper appliance installation, aged appliances and malfunctions due to rust, corrosion, or sediment. While AHS does not offer discounts, their home warranty plans usually cost between $500 and $700 a year. Plus, if you have an issue with a completed repair, they have a 30-day workmanship guarantee which means they will send a contractor back for free.  



Shield Assurances which offer guaranteed coverage with any plan

No discounts offered for paying the full year

30-day workmanship guarantee

Pricing is considered higher than competitors

Coverage for appliances no matter how old they are


Customizable plans with flexible pricing


High limits on ShieldPlatinum plan


Plans, Pricing, and Coverage:

American Home Shield offers three plans: ShieldSilver, ShieldGold, and ShieldPlatinum. ShieldSilver covers 17 home systems whereas ShieldGold will get you coverage on 23 systems and appliances. ShieldPlatinum is the most comprehensive plan and covers 27 home systems and appliances including HVAC systems, which is essential for comfortable living in SC.

Like some other home warranty providers, American Home Shield allows you to choose your own service fee between options of $75, $100, and $125. This service fee is due each time that you use your coverage. However, choosing a higher service fee allows you to pay a lower monthly premium.  Pricing below is based on coverage for a South Carolina under 5,000 square feet and a $75 service fee. 

Here’s a more detailed look at American Home Shield’s Plans (note: these prices are based on a $100 service fee)

  • ShieldSilver™ ($35.82 per month): The ShieldSilver is the most affordable American Home Shield plan. The plan covers six home systems, including air conditioning, electrical system, doorbells, garage door opener, water heater, and ductwork. The coverage cap for this AHS plan is around $2500 per system. 
  • ShieldGold™ ($55.82 per month): ShieldGold is a good option for South Carolina homeowners if systems are not enough coverage for you. The ShieldGold has 23 systems and appliances, including the six you will find with ShieldSilver. Although this is not the most comprehensive American Home Shield plan, it tends to be the most popular because of its affordability. 
  • ShieldPlatinum™ ($85.82 per month): ShieldPlatinum is the most comprehensive home warranty in South Carolina. With ShieldPlatinum, you will pay quite a bit more, but the coverage you get with the plan is quite impressive. The ShieldPlatinum plan has 27 covered items and very high coverage caps. Some coverage caps can go as high as $6000.
  • Optional add-ons: There are a few optional or add-on coverages from American Home Shield, including pool and spa, electronics, television, septic systems, and well pumps. Even though American Home Shield has these plan choices, homeowners can always customize their home warranty plans.


Cost Per Month

Service Fee



$75 - $125



$75 - $125



$75 - $125

What Customers Are Saying:

Reviews of American Home Shield are polarized by platform. The company is currently accredited with the BBB and received a “B” grade when rated by the organization. Customers who had a good experience with American Home Shield regularly praised the cleanup process completed by the technicians, which ensured that no trash or debris was left behind in the home. Customers who rated American Home Shield poorly expressed their frustration with the company’s customer service process, which many claim left them on hold excessively.

"[The technician] showed up early because our timeline was really tight and got the entire job done before we had to get to an appointment. He had the parts we needed in his truck and there was no sign he had been there when he left. Cleaned up everything! I would call him again, excellent experience." - John G.

Read our in-depth review of American Home Shield for more information.

4. Most Affordable: Select Home Warranty

Looking for peace of mind at the most affordable price? 

Select Home Warranty offers three plans that provide different coverage, but all are more affordable when compared to other home warranty providers in South Carolina. They also offer promotions that include discounts up to $200 off a new plan and free roof coverage. When you sign onto an annual or multi-year plan, you can save even more on your coverage. 

Select Home Warranty offers three plans of coverage: the Bronze Care plan, the Gold Care plan, and the Platinum Care plan. Each plan also allows you to customize your contract with a variety of add-ons. The Platinum Care plan offers coverage for everything from your air conditioning system to your ceiling fans for less than $65 a month. 



Available throughout South Carolina

Only the top-tier plan offers coverage for both appliances and systems

Exceptionally affordable policy choices

Lower coverage caps

Large network of professionals


Lower-than-average service fees


Plans, Pricing, and Coverage:  

Select Home Warranty's three plans offer coverage for different components of your home. The Bronze Care plan and the Gold Care plan both cost $44/month or $630 for the year when paid in-full. The Bronze Care focuses on coverage for seven home appliances, such as the dishwasher and clothes washer, while the Gold Care plan’s focus is on offering coverage for six home systems, such as the air conditioning and electrical systems. The Platinum Care coverage offers coverage for both appliances and systems, covers 16 in total for only $47.75 per month.

Select offers one of the lowest service fees of all home warranty companies in SC at $60. You will pay this when you request service on one of the covered items.

Take a look at Select Home Warranty’s plan options:

  • Bronze Care Plan ($44.42 per month): Select Home Warranty is known for its affordability, and it starts with the Bronze Care or Appliance Plan that SHW offers. The Bronze Care Plan is an appliance-only option, and it has seven key appliances. These include garbage disposal, dishwasher, clothes dryer, microwave, oven, refrigerator, and clothes washer. 
  • Gold Care Plan ($44.42 per month): The Gold Care Plan is systems-only plan, and it is the same price as Bronze Care. This plan is limited to just six systems. The systems covered are air conditioner, ductwork, electrical, heating, plumbing systems, and water heater. The Gold Care and Bronze Care have the same price, but many South Carolina homeowners feel that the Systems Plan offers more value because of the higher-end items it covers. 
  • Platinum Care Plan ($47.75 per month): The Platinum Care Plan from SHW combines the Gold Care and Bronze Care plan coverages for just a few extra dollars per month. This plan offers the best value. 
  • Optional add-ons: All Select Home Warranty plans come with free roof leak coverage for your home. In addition, there are a few add-on coverages that you can choose, including pool, spa, septic system, lawn sprinklers, stand-alone freezer, central vacuum, well pump, and sump pump. It is important to remember that with Select Home Warranty, you also get free roof leak coverage with all of their plans.


Cost Per Month

Service Fee

Gold Care



Bronze Care



Platinum Care



What Customers Are Saying:

Select Home Warranty is currently not accredited with the BBB, and has been awarded a “B” grade by reviewers at the BBB. Customers who were impressed with Select Home Warranty frequently wrote that the company’s low prices contributed to their decision to choose Select over other home warranty providers. However, some customers claim that the company took up to a month to respond to claims—and that claims were regularly denied.

"Select Home Warranty’s sales associate] returned my inquiry with a quote that was an exceptional value versus my previous home warranty service. The value for the money is a huge plus with Select Home Warranty. I highly recommend them." - Olivia F.

Learn more from our Select Home Warranty Review.

5. Cinch Home Services (Best Workmanship)

Want an instant free quote from Cinch Home Services? Check out their website here to claim a quote anytime. 

Cinch Home Services has been offering their home warranty plans for over 40 years. They offer a 180-day workmanship guarantee for work performed, awarding them best workmanship in our ranking. If an appliance or system breaks down again within 180 days of provided service, Cinch Home Services will repair it again for no extra cost. The company is committed to providing quality service and is incentivized to get things right the first time. 

The three major plans Cinch Home Services offers cover home appliances, systems, and certain exterior items. You can choose between the Appliances Warranty Plan, the Built-in Systems Warranty Plan, and the Complete Home Warranty Plan in just a few minutes online, and you can even choose your own deductible. The Complete Home Warranty Plan combines both of the other plans, making it the most extensive option.  



Online portal is available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week

Higher-than-average service call fees 

First free month with purchase of any plan


Homeowners that choose the Complete Home Warranty Plan may be eligible for a $500 homeowners deductible reimbursement


Allows you to choose your own service fee 


Plans, Pricing, and Coverage: 

Cinch Home Services offers three plans: Appliances Plan, Built-in Systems Plan, and the Complete Home Plan. The Appliances Plan covers 11 appliances, including refrigerator, oven, food center, dishwasher and more. The Built-in System Plan covers 21 home systems including air conditioner, heating system, electrical, plumbing, sump pump, doorbell and more. The most comprehensive plan is the Complete Home Plan which covers a total of 32 items, all of the systems and appliances covered in the other two plans combined.

Here’s a deeper look at Cinch Home Services plans (note: these prices are based on a $100 service fee):

  • Appliances Plan ($44.99 per month): The Cinch Home Services home warranty has a total of 11 covered appliances, similar to other appliance-only plans on the market. These appliances include microwave, cooktop exhaust fan, trash compactor, clothes dryer, food center, refrigerator, free-standing ice maker, oven, refrigerator ice-maker, dishwasher, and clothes washer. 
  • Built-In Systems Plan ($51.99 per month): The Systems Plan from Cinch Home Services will only cover systems in your home. One of the things that helps the Cinch Home Services systems plan stand out is the number of systems included in the plan. The Systems include air conditioner, ductwork, water dispenser, smoke alarms, sump pump, septic tank pumping, bath exhaust fans, cooktop fans, garbage disposal, doorbells, toilet, electrical system, heating system, water heater, plumbing, and plumbing stoppages, garage door opener, spa, central vacuum, attic fans, and whole house fan. 
  • Complete Home Plan ($61.99 per month):  The Complete Home Plan is the comprehensive option from Cinch Home Services. The Complete Home Plan has 32 covered systems and appliances and is an industry leader when it comes to coverage. In addition, the Complete Home Plan allows for a $500 homeowners insurance reimbursement and a credit towards AC filters each policy period.
  • Optional add-ons: The Cinch Home Services add-on option offers the Premier Upgrade Package, which includes $1,000 for any unexpected costs that may pop up during a claim. If you don’t like surprises about an unexpected cost, the Cinch Home Services Premier Upgrade is a smart choice. There is also coverage available for pools and spas.


Cost Per Month

Service Fee

Appliances Plan


$100 - $150

Built-In Systems Plan


$100 - $150

Complete Home Plan


$100 - $150

What Customers Are Saying: 

Cinch Home Services is accredited with the BBB and maintains an overall grade of “B.” Reviews of Cinch Home Services’ packages are polarized between platforms—while Google Review users had overall positive things to say, BBB reviewers were overall not satisfied with the services they received.

Customers who rated Cinch Home Services highly frequently complemented the company’s well-informed technicians and quality repairs. Customers who weren’t satisfied with Cinch’s services frequently complained that they filed a claim and never received the repair or replacement they needed—even after a technician or customer service professional claimed to have scheduled their appointment. 

"The service person answered all my dumb questions and was on time for the initial visit and follow-up when he had to order the parts. The parts were here within two days, it was fixed thereafter. I appreciated the service and coverage after the initial deductible. I'm glad I didn't have to hire an outside person to either fix or replace the microwave, I have no idea how to replace a hood model and I'm sure the labor costs would have been much more." - Scott F.

Read our full Cinch Home Services Review for more information.

6. First Premier Home Warranty (Best Coverage)

First Premier Home Warranty offers a strong network of contractors, quality customer service and affordable coverage options. Having been involved in the Appliance/HVAC industry for over 30 years, First Premier aims to be the best home warranty provider for their customers by maintaining an open line of communication through their great customer service network. 

First Premier provides customers with two plan options, the Premier plan and the Premier Platinum plan. Each plan allows you to choose optional add-ons to get optimal coverage for you and your home. The Premier Platinum plan offers the most comprehensive coverage, including all major appliances and systems. The Premier Platinum plan also offers coverage for multiples of the same system, such as two air conditioning systems and two heating systems. This can be especially beneficial for homeowners who take advantage of dual system use in their homes. 



Excellent average ratings on Google Reviews

Homeowners cannot choose their own technician to provide service

High-value discounts for annual plan purchases


Coverage for permanently installed sump pump included with both plans


Employs a rigorous screening process for technicians 


Plans, Pricing, and Coverage: 

First Premier Home Warranty offers two combo plans: the Gold Plan and the Platinum Plan. The Premier Plan offers coverage on 14 items for as low as $40 per month. For as low as $45 per month, the Platinum Plan has coverage on those 14 items plus five more: washer, dryer, refrigerator, heating system, and air conditioning. This is a great deal on a home warranty policy in South Carolina.

The chart below compares pricing for all the plan options in accordance with a single-family home in South Carolina that is smaller than 5,000 square feet. Each price is the baseline for a plan and increases with each optional add-on that is chosen. There is also a $75 service fee for technician visits.  

Look at the details of First Premier’s protection plans:

  • Premier Plan ($40 per month): The Platinum Plan from First Premier is known for extensive coverage, considering it is new in the industry. The Platinum Plan has 15 covered items, including a ceiling fan, oven, cooktop exhaust, dishwasher, trash compactor, garbage disposal, ductwork, electrical system, garage door opener, microwave, plumbing system, stoppages, sump pump, and water heater.
  • Platinum Plan ($48 per month): With the Premier Platinum Plan, you will pay just a few dollars more per month and have access to essential coverages for a South Carolina home. These covered items are the 15 in the Platinum Plan and air conditioning, heating system, washer, dryer, and refrigerator.
  • Optional add-ons: First Premier offers optional coverage on 12 items, including a free-standing ice maker, roof leaks, stand-alone freezer, septic tank pumping, well pump, water softener, central vacuum, refrigerator ice maker, lawn sprinkler, septic, spa, and pool coverage. First Premier will allow homeowners to pay less money if they pay for their home warranty plan in total at the start of the policy period.


Cost Per Month

Service Fee

Premier Plan



Platinum Plan



What Customers Are Saying: 

Though the company has been in business for only one year, First Premier Home Warranty has already built a strong online presence with a wide range of positive reviews across multiple platforms. First Premier Home Warranty is currently accredited by the BBB and maintains a B+ rating. Customers who were satisfied with the services that they received from First Premier regularly praised the company’s responsive technicians, while customers who rated the company poorly complained that their requests were denied regardless of their contractual inclusion.

"All I have to say is wow! I'm mindblown from how fast First Premier service was. I put in a claim 1/26 and they sent the Technician the same day. They got my Hvac repaired for me from a wonderful Technician. Thank you First Premier for amazing service." - James C. 

Read our First Premier Review to learn more.

7. Best for Quick Coverage: Home Service Club

The Home Service Club is the best South Carolina home warranty for quick coverage. When you sign up for any home warranty plan, there is typically a 30 day waiting period before the policy takes effect. The policy starts just ten days after signing up with the Home Service Club. For homeowners eager to have the coverage they need on their home systems and appliances, the Home Service Club is a great option to consider. In addition to the quick start to your home warranty plan, Home Service Club also has some excellent coverage options for South Carolina homeowners. The two plans have both system and appliance coverage. After 13 years in the home warranty industry, Home Service Club has developed a strong network of service providers and technicians. 



No inspection is needed before the plan starts 

Can be a high service fee

The plan starts after ten days 

Not accredited by the BBB 

Extensive coverage options even in the basic plan 


Plans, Pricing, and Coverage

There are two home warranty plans for South Carolina homeowners to choose from. These plans start at $50 per month, slightly higher than other home warranty companies. However, you will quickly see the value when you look at the number of coverages under the Standard Coverage plan. Home Service Club has moderately priced service fees, and they are customizable; you will set them at the start of your policy. 

Take a more detailed look at Home Service Club’s home warranty plans:

  • Standard Coverage ($46.25 per month): The Standard Plan is the most basic option from Home Service Club. The coverages include air conditioners, ceiling fans, water leaks, water heater, electrical system, central vacuum, dishwasher, refrigerator, trash compactor, oven, and more. With the Standard Coverage, homeowners will have complete peace of mind about the most essential features of their home. 
  • Comprehensive Coverage ($58.75 per month): The Comprehensive Coverage Plan from Home Service Club takes the Standard Plan and increases the coverage by about ten items. These items are not typically covered with a home warranty but can help many homeowners. The coverages include gas leaks, ductwork, sump pump, pest control, doorbells, plumbing stoppages, attic fans, whole house exhaust, and more. Some South Carolina homeowners find that the Standard Coverage gives them the protection they need. 
  • Optional add-ons: Home Service club offers 12 additional or add-on coverages as part of their home warranty plan. Add-ons include things like a well pump, service line, plumbing sprinkler, spa and spa heater, free-standing freezer, water softener, and more. 


Cost Per Month

Service Fee

Standard Coverage



Comprehensive Coverage



What Customers Are Saying:

“Laundry day is always a big day for us. We usually have piles of dirty clothes all over the house from weeks of non-washing. Last week, we were so ready to do laundry already when we found out that the drain pipes all busted! Good thing HSC is always there to help. It took them a couple of hours to have it back to working fine again, and we’re soon throwing in heavy loads of clothes again like nothing happened..” - Howard D.

Read our HSC Review to learn more.

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What Is A Home Warranty? 

A home warranty is a protection plan for home systems and appliances. The purpose of the home warranty is to help homeowners save both time and money. With a home warranty in place, you can ensure that your budget is protected from a high-priced repair of some kind. If your air conditioning system goes down and the part is $700 to replace, a home warranty plan may make that repair only $75 for the homeowner. 

With a home warranty in place, homeowners will still need to maintain their home systems and appliances properly. Home warranty plans will not cover pre-existing conditions, issues with lack of maintenance, or intentional breakage. In addition, the home warranty is different than the homeowner’s insurance plan, so you can’t expect it to cover you from a natural disaster. 

When a home system or appliance breaks down, you will schedule service through your home warranty provider. Typically within a 24 to 48 hour period, the home warranty plan will step in and have the issue figured out and repaired. Most of the time, the only expenses that a homeowner will be responsible for are the service fees.

What You Should Consider Before Buying A Home Warranty in South Carolina 

Fitting any extra coverage into your monthly household budget can be a challenge, especially when considering getting a policy from one of the best home warranty companies in South Carolina. When shopping for a home warranty, there are a wide range of different factors that you’ll want to think about, including the following.

  • Coverage limitations and the value of your appliances: Almost every home warranty service provider will include a clause that states that if a covered appliance breaks down and a repair would cost more than the appliance is worth, the company can pay you the depreciated value of your appliance in lieu of providing a repair. This makes is especially important to consider the current value of your home’s components before you invest in a home warranty. If you live in an older home, you may want to get a new home appraisal to learn if a warranty will be worth it.
  • A home warranty is not homeowner’s insurance: Your home warranty will provide you with different coverage when compared to your homeowner’s insurance. A home warranty typically only provides coverage for breakdowns that occur as a result of normal wear and tear. This means that when you compare policies, you shouldn’t see your home warranty as a supplement or replacement for homeowner’s insurance.
  • Cancellation fees: Most home warranty companies charge a cancellation fee when you close your policy before the end of your term. Be sure to know what each company’s cancellation fee is before you select a policy.

The most important thing to remember when choosing the best home warranty in South Carolina is that you must read and understand your entire contract before you agree to a policy. Never sign onto a policy with a home warranty provider that pressures you to sign up for coverage before reading the contract.

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Home Warranty Tips for South Carolina Residents

Known for its breezy summers and balmy spring temperatures, there’s little question why South Carolina has become a popular vacation destination for residents in the Northeast United States. The eastern coastline of South Carolina is at a particular risk of damage from hurricanes and flooding. Unfortunately, some of South Carolina’s most populous cities, like Charleston and Hilton Head, are located almost directly on the coastline.

If you live in these cities or other coastal towns like Myrtle Beach, Isle of Palms, or Bluffton, it’s important to review your homeowner’s insurance policy and its coverages for water damage. Homeowner’s insurance and home warranties do not cover damage from flooding, which means you may need to invest in an independent flood insurance policy through FEMA’s insurance program. When searching for a home warranty, you might want to consider policies that extend to roof leak coverage or that offer partial reimbursement for your homeowner’s insurance deductible (like Cinch Home Services).

In addition to risks associated with hurricanes, homeowners in southern South Carolina cities like Okatie, Hardeeville, or Beaufort need to also consider the damage that the south’s heat can take on their home appliances. For example, in Beaufort, average highs for the months of May through September regularly reach 85 degrees or higher. These extreme temperatures can put excess tolls on your electric and air conditioning systems, which means that you may want to consider a home warranty policy with higher limitations on these systems.

While most of South Carolina is associated with heat, the Northwestern region of the state is actually quite mountainous and even sees annual snowfalls. If you live in the cities of Greenville, Spartanburg, Anderson, or other cities located in northern South Carolina, you’ll want to be sure that your policy includes comprehensive coverage for your heating system as well as your air conditioning system

Home Warranty Regulations in South Carolina

The cost of a home warranty in South Carolina is generally significantly less than the cost of a year of home maintenance. Since the Palmetto State is so hot and humid, electrical and air conditioning systems in the home can be heavily impacted. Most home warranty plans in South Carolina offer coverage for these systems. 

Whether you’re looking into a home warranty for the first time or are just purchasing your first home, a home warranty is not required in the same way that you’d need homeowner’s insurance to maintain the terms of your mortgage. Home warranties are an additional service that you can purchase that essentially works alongside your homeowner’s insurance. 

Builders in South Carolina are legally required to provide a builder warranty with a new home construction or remodel for a certain period of time. Aside from this, there are little to no regulations when it comes to buying a home warranty. Whether you purchase a home warranty or not is entirely up to you and your budget. 

Final Thoughts

So—should you invest in a home warranty for your property? Many homeowners in South Carolina consider a home warranty to be a must-have when it comes to home protections due to the state’s range of severe temperature fluctuations. We recommend getting a quote from multiple home warranty providers listed above before you decide which policy is best for your needs. 

Review Home Warranties Rating Methodology: How We Chose the Best Home Warranty Companies

At Review Home Warranties, we are committed to providing our readers with comprehensive and unbiased information on each provider that we review. Our methodology is a step-by-step process that ensures we maintain your trust through transparency and data that is backed-up through routine check-ins. When we picked our best home warranty companies, we reviewed and analyzed over 50 different companies. We then narrowed down our findings based on criteria that we find to be the most helpful for a homeowner in choosing a home warranty plan. Here is what our review process looks like: 

  • We call every home warranty provider, talking to sales agents and company representatives to gather accurate information on: 
    • Availability 
    • Pricing
    • Coverage
    • Fine Print 
    • Plan Options  
    • Service Contract Details 
    • Customer Service
    • Trustworthiness
    • Ratings and Reviews 
    • Add-On Options 
    • Promotions
    • Additional Benefits
  • We test the customer service, including factors such as wait times, friendliness, and problem-solving ability.
  • We analyze the sample contracts and fine print from each brand we review. This allows us to break down the industry jargon, check for hidden stipulations, and see what is and isn’t covered so we can give readers straightforward information.
  • We update all of this information on a continuous basis, storing it in a proprietary database that allows us to compare dozens of home warranty companies against each other. 

From here we created a comprehensive, 100 point, rating scale based on the following factors: 

  • Plan options (25): Providers that offer more flexibility in their plans are rated higher.
  • Coverage specifics (5): The more items covered in a home warranty plan, the higher the score. 
  • Pricing (25): We take the monthly fee and service fee into consideration when rating pricing. 
  • Trustworthiness (25): We comb through hundreds of reviews and check on BBB ratings to determine the trustworthiness of a company.
  • State availability (5): Finding coverage in your state can be a challenge if home warranty companies aren’t located there. The more states covered, the higher the score. 
  • Customer service (10): Is this home warranty company responsive? Do they respond quickly to claims filed? Are they helpful in answering questions? All of these factors are considered when rating customer service. 
  • Additional benefits (5): Home warranty companies will typically offer special promotions or benefits for signing up for their services. The companies with the most benefit scored higher. 

Of the 50 different companies that we’ve reviewed, we've broken down the six best providers for home warranty coverage. To keep our ratings and data current, we have a full-time researcher who collects (and regularly updates) more than 100 specific data points from each company to help us compare them on key factors such as coverage, cost, service, and dependability. This list is ever-changing, as companies will update policies and procedures, and we will change our information accordingly.

Resources for South Carolina Homeowners and Home Buyers

  • Greenville SC Homeownership Opportunities: If you have found that the Greenville area could be a good place for you to purchase a home, then the Greenville SC Homeownership Opportunities website is a great one to check out. There are plenty of resources as you are buying and then continue to live in Greenville.
  • South Carolina Housing Financing:  Ensuring that you can get yourself into a housing payment that you can afford is a very important part of this homeownership process. The South Carolina Housing Financing website is a good resource for first-time buyers or even a person looking to refinance. 
  • Charleston Homeownership Initiative: There are plenty of great areas in South Carolina to live in. However, if you choose Charleson, the Charleston Homeownership Initiative will help you every step of the way. 
  • South Carolina Regional Housing Authority: If you want to take a homeownership class and learn whether or not homeownership is going to be a good fit for you. The South Carolina Regional Housing Authority is a tremendous resource.
  • South Carolina Weatherization: The South Carolina Weatherization assistance is for people that need help getting their home protected from certain weather conditions and issues. If you are ready to start a home warranty policy but need a little help to get your home ready, this could be a good resource. 

Recap of Our Top Picks In South Carolina

  # 1 Our Top Choice Liberty Home Guard
Editorial Rating 98.00
  • $200 off + 1 Month Free + Free Roof Coverage!
  • BBB's Only A+ Accredited Home Warranty Company!
  • 60-day workmanship guarantee compared to the average of 30 days.
  • More than 20 options, including window washing, swimming pools, and irrigation.
  • 24/7 service calls
  # 2 Cinch Home Services
Editorial Rating 95.30
  • First 2 Months Free on all Plans! (exclusions apply)
  • Industry-leading 180-day workmanship guarantee
  • $500 Homeowner insurance deductible reimbursement
  • Thousands of reliable & fast local service providers
  • 24/7 customer service
  • Low cancellation fee
  # 3 First Premier Home Warranty
Editorial Rating 95.10
  • Lower chance of claim denial
  • Multiple optional coverage items
  • 24/7 service calls
  • Great promotions available
  • Market veteran
  • Large and established firm
  # 4 The Home Service Club
Editorial Rating 94.90
  • Lower chance of claim denial
  • 24/7 service calls
  • Great promotions available
  • Higher fee for contract transfer
  • Fewer contractors available
  • Limited plan selection
  • 1 day to submit a claim
  # 5 ServicePlus Home Warranty
Editorial Rating 95.10
  • $200 OFF + 2 Months Free
  • Free Roof Coverage
  • Comprehensive coverage plans
  • 1 day to submit claim
  • Limited availability
  # 6 First American Home Warranty
Editorial Rating 95.70
  • Best Customer Service 2020
  • $100 Instant Online Discount
  • Plans from $25/m
  • Automatically renewed policy
  • Lower chance of claim denial
  • 24/7 service calls
  • Great promotions available

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    North Carolina Home Warranty

    Frequently Asked Questions in South Carolina

    Below are just some of the frequently asked questions we receive about home warranties in South Carolina.


    Is a South Carolina home warranty worth it?

    What happens when your heater breaks down, it’s not under manufacturer warranty, and it’s not covered under your homeowner’s insurance? Without a home warranty, you are paying out of pocket to repair or replace that.

    A home warranty is worth it to cover not just your hot water heater, but all major systems and appliances in your home from just that situation. For the potential to save you thousands of dollars in out-of-pocket costs, it is definitely worth it. Monthly deductibles are low in comparison to replacement costs of any major systems or appliances like your air conditioner, electric system, or plumbing system.

    What are the best home warranty companies in South Carolina?

    We’ve done the research on almost 70 companies all around the United States. Here are the top five we’ve found for South Carolina homeowners.

    1. Choice Home Warranty
    2. American Home Shield
    3. Select Home Warranty
    4. Liberty Home Guard
    5. Service Plus

    What do home warranties cover?

    So, for those things your insurance won’t cover, a home warranty is there to help you manage breakdowns of systems and appliances due to wear and tear.

    Commonly covered appliances include:

    • Refrigerator
    • Oven/stove/range
    • Built-in Microwave
    • Clothes Washer
    • Clothes Dryer
    • Dishwasher

    Commonly covered systems include:

    • Electrical System
    • Plumbing System, including stoppages
    • HVAC System, including ductwork
    • Water Heater
    You can also expect coverage for things like doorbells, garbage disposal, garage door openers, and ceiling fans. Coverage varies from provider to provider.

    There is usually optional add-on coverage for things like a pool/spa, sump pump, septic pumping, freezers, or additional HVAC units or refrigerators. 

    How much does a home warranty cost?

    Costs vary from company to company, but a Combo Plan covering all your major appliances and systems probably costs less than you think. The average monthly premium for the top five providers in South Carolina is:

    Combo Plan
    Top 5 Average

    The other cost associated with a home warranty is the service call fee. When you have a problem with a covered appliance or system, you’ll contact the home warranty company. They’ll send a technician to your home, and charge a fee ranging from around $75 to $125. Usually, the higher the service call fee, the lower the premium.

    How do I choose a good home warranty?

    Here are three basic steps to choosing the right home warranty for your South Carolina home. 

    1. Dig into the data - Find out details about the home warranty providers in your area. What is their reputation? What kind of coverage do they offer? Do the kind of research you are doing right now.
    2. Comparison shop - Contact several home warranty providers and get quotes for your location and the coverage you want.
    3. Due diligence - Read the fine print on the service agreement carefully before signing anything. It’s important to understand the coverage, limitations, and exclusions of the plan.