A home warranty in Pennsylvania is a must-have for many state residents. It does not matter if you own a single-family house, townhouse, condo, or a mobile home. The best home warranty companies in Pennsylvania are available to you in any situation and are offered by several companies that we have reviewed below.

Best Home Warranty Companies in Pennsylvania

  # 1 Select Home Warranty
Editorial Rating 98.5
  • $150 off + 2 months free
  • $0 transfer fee
  • Good selection of plans
  • High contractor professionalism
  • Quick replacement payments
  • First 30 days: Free cancellation
  # 2 First American Home Warranty
Editorial Rating 95.1
  • Best Value for Money 2019
  • Large and established
  • Plans from $25/m
  • B+ BBB rating
  • 500,000 customers
  • Fortune Magazine Award
  # 3 Amazon Home Warranty
Editorial Rating 91.8
  • 24/7 service calls
  • Accredited by BBB
  • Excellent BBB rating A+
  • Market veteran
  • Low optional coverage costs
  • Minimal negative feedback
  # 4 2-10 Home Buyers Warranty
Editorial Rating 89.5
  • Lower chance of claim denial
  • 24/7 service calls
  • Accredited by BBB
  • Delays in repairs reported
  • Online chat not supported
  # 5 Total Home Protection
Editorial Rating 87.6
  • Multiple optional coverage items
  • 24/7 service calls
  • Clear terms and conditions
  • Higher chance of payment delays
  • Poor BBB rating D
  # 6 Liberty Home Guard
Editorial Rating 82.8
  • Lower chance of claim denial
  • Multiple optional coverage items
  • 24/7 service calls
  • 1 day to submit a claim
  • New on the market
  • Smaller company
  # 7
Hello Super
Editorial Rating 81.9
  • Lower chance of claim denial
  • Accredited by BBB
  • Excellent BBB rating A-
  • Delays in repairs reported
  • Unexpected fees reported
  • No 24/7 service
  • Low contractor ability reported
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How to Select the Best Home Warranty Companies in Pennsylvania

Selecting a home warranty in Pennsylvania may be tricky, and our home warranty reviews should help you with that. However, before you even start reading reviews of the Pennsylvania home warranty companies that we selected for you, think about what parts and components of your household should be covered first, how old they are, and how the climate that you live in may have an impact on their normal wear and tear.

Age of Your House

Is your house relatively new or it has been built more than 10 years ago? Home warranty vs. home maintenance calculatorThe age of the house is closely related to how many repairs it might need per year. In order to help you decide whether you need a home warranty in PA, we have created a Home Maintenance Calculator. By entering the age of your house and an estimated number of repairs per year, you may see how much it will cost to pay for repairs out of pocket vs. to purchase a home warranty.

So, the older your house is, the more comprehensive of a home warranty you might want to purchase. One of the best home warranty companies in Pennsylvania, Choice Home Warranty offers a great comprehensive plan called the Total Plan that includes coverage of all major home systems and appliances.

For the new houses, there is a new construction home warranty that may cover those home systems and appliances, which are not covered by the manufacturer's warranty or their warranty has expired. One of the oldest home warranty companies on the market, 2-10 Home Buyers Warranty offers a New Home Structural Warranty program. It is available for 10 years and is not renewable.

For older houses, you need to see the working condition of their home systems and appliances. In case your appliances have been recently updated, you might not need to cover them under a home warranty. For these cases, some home warranty companies in PA offer special plans that cover home appliances only. First American Home Warranty, for example, provides coverage for your dishwasher, refrigerator, stove or cooktop, garbage disposal, built-in microwave, and washer and dryer under their Basic plan.

Climate You Live In

Pennsylvania has two major climate zones. The majority of the state is located in a humid continental climate, which has cold winters and humid summers. In the mountains, the winters are even colder, and the snowfalls are greater.
Pennsylvania climate zones

Source: The Colony of Pennsylvania

What does that mean in terms of a home warranty in PA?

For those Pennsylvanians who live closer to the mountains in cities and towns like Williamsport, Wilkes-Barre, Scranton, Harrisburg, and Hanover, PA, frequent snowstorms are not unusual, and you need to prepare your house accordingly.

First of all, you have to make sure that your heating system functions properly. In case there are any malfunctions, most home warranty companies in Pennsylvania will be able to provide their services if you cover this system under their plans.

One of the companies that provide the best home warranty in Pennsylvania, Total Home Protection, offers coverage for up to two heating systems, either hot water radiators or centrally ducted forced air, provided they are the primary sources of heating in the house.

In case you live in the western and northwestern parts of the state, closer to Lake Erie, your area may receive over 100 inches of snowfall annually with plenty of precipitation throughout the year with the mean of 28.2 inches across the state.

High humidity and precipitation may have a detrimental effect on the operation of electrical appliances and the electrical system in general.

To avoid the hustle and expense of any unexpected repairs or replacements of your home appliances, it makes a lot of sense to cover them under a home warranty. To select the best home warranty companies in Pensylvania, please read their review carefully. This will help you avoid any misunderstandings and claim denials in the future.

The best home warranty plans for your home systems are available from various home warranty companies in PA, including Select Home Warranty. Their Gold Care plan is an excellent choice for home systems coverage. It includes heating and air conditioning, water heater, plumbing, ductwork, and electrical systems.


Compare Top Home Warranty Plans - In Our Research

As soon as you start selecting a home warranty plan, you face many questions. Which home warranty in the best for you? Does it provide the right coverage? Which home warranty plan should you choose? Will give you the best value for the money? Read our research article that compares top home warranty plans: how much they cost and which home systems and appliances they cover.

Find the Best Home Warranty Plan

Who Should Get a Home Warranty in Pennsylvania?

Pennsylvania is in top-5 states by population with almost 13 million people living there. Almost 69% own their houses, which makes them current or potential clients of home warranty companies in PA. Home warranty companies in PA offer coverage to the owners of single-family homes, townhouses, condos, and even mobile homes.

Home Warranty for Homebuyers

If you are a first-time homebuyer, you may ask your real estate agent if a home warranty is included in your contract. Even if it is not, many estate agents are willing to give a home warranty to their clients as a thank you gift.

Many new homeowners prefer to buy basic plans that cover only the essential home systems and kitchen appliances. More seasoned homeowners often prefer to switch to a more comprehensive plan.

Old couple selling a house with a home warrantyHome Warranty for Home Sellers

If you are a home seller, you may benefit from having a home warranty as well. You will not have to pay anything extra for house repairs or replacements if something accidentally breaks while the house is on the market.

Many homebuyers prefer houses covered under a home warranty to those that are not. Besides, the buyers are less likely to negotiate the price downwards if they know that the house systems and appliances are protected under a home warranty.

Final Words About Buying a Home Warranty in PA

Buying a home warranty in Pennsylvania is a good idea especially for those homeowners who live closer to the mountains. The climate is harsher there, and it may have a detrimental influence on the normal wear and tear of your home systems and appliances.

Selecting the best home warranty company in PA is not an easy task. You should keep in mind not only the location of your home but also its age. The older the house, the more comprehensive your home warranty should be.

Any property owner, from a condominium to a single-family house may benefit from having a contract with the best home warranty companies in Pennsylvania. For larger properties, some companies, like Total Home Protection, offer coverage for up to two heating or air conditioning systems.

Many new homeowners receive a home warranty as a gift from their real estate agents. In many cases, the home warranty may be transferred from the previous owner to the new one.

Home sellers may also benefit from having a home warranty as it protects their wallets from any unexpected expenses on house repairs and makes their property more appealing to prospective buyers.


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