Top Best Home Warranty Companies In New York Review

Why are home warranty companies in New York so popular among homeowners and home sellers? Because a reliable home warranty company protects New Yorker’s most essential and unique items. 

Finding the right plan to fit your needs isn’t as easy, though. 

In this analysis you will learn:

  • What is a home warranty for a New York resident and which one is the best?
  • What should you think about when purchasing a warranty plan in NY?
  • What are the NY home warranty regulations?
  • And much more!

We’ve discovered the best 7 warranty companies in NY by comparing 68+ providers against industry standard. You may use our comprehensive research and analysis on the most trusted companies in New York to match your needs. Check out our chart below for and continue reading to learn about plan options from each provider. 

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Best Home Warranty Companies in New York

  # 1 Choice Home Warranty
Editorial Rating 97.5
  • $50 Off + 1 month free
  • Won't deny coverage if systems/appliances are old
  • Free cancellation within 30 days
  • Emergency service available
  • Reservice for failed repairs
  # 2 American Home Shield
Editorial Rating 97.0
  • Get $50 off
  • Lower chance of claim denial
  • 24/7 service calls and online service
  • Large and established firm
  • Choose your own service fee!
  • Market veteran
  # 3 Cinch Home Services
Editorial Rating 95.4
  • Get $100/ $50 off!
  • Large number of homeowners
  • Clients report fair compensation
  • Low cancellation fee
  • Vast social media presence
  # 4 Amazon Home Warranty
Editorial Rating 92.9
  • $100 Off + 1 Month Free
  • Good BBB rating B
  • 24/7 service calls
  • Smaller company
  • Online chat not supported
  • Save up to $150 on a new plan
  • Choose your own service fee!
  • Lower chance of claim denial
  • Higher fee for contract transfer
  • Higher cancellation fee
  # 6
2-10 Home Buyers Warranty
Editorial Rating 90.2
  • 24/7 service calls
  • Lower chance of claim denial
  • Market veteran
  • Fewer contractors available
  # 7 The Home Service Club
Editorial Rating 89.5
  • Lower chance of claim denial
  • Market veteran
  • Low optional coverage costs
  • No 24/7 service
  • Limited coverage
  • 1 day to submit a claim
  • Limited plan selection

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A home warranty in New York State is a popular investment. Many new homeowners purchase it as soon as they close the deal on their new house. In order to help you select the best home warranty in New York State, have collected and analyzed information on multiple companies servicing NY residents.  

What should you think about when you select a home warranty in New York? 

1. Location of the house 

Before you purchase a home warranty for your new house, think about the geographic location of your property. In Upstate New York, which includes such cities as Albany, Buffalo, Rochester, and Syracuse, the climate is much more severe.

Due to the lake-effect snow from Lake Ontario and Lake Erie, these cities have much colder and snowy winters, compared to the more temperate climate Downstate New York, where New York City and Long Island are located.

What does it mean in terms of home warranty? First of all, cold weather means that your heating system should have the best coverage possible. Practically every home warranty company provides some type of coverage for heating systems and air conditioning, but their terms and conditions may differ significantly.

For example, Total Home Protection, unlike most of their competitors, will cover mechanical parts and components of two heating systems, not just one. This information might be crucial if you live in a big house and have separate heating systems for each floor.

In Downstate New York, the summers are usually hot and humid. It is virtually impossible to live without air conditioning. In case your house is located in Long Island or New York City, the smartest home warranty decision would be to have the best A/C coverage available on the market.

For this purpose, we can recommend Choice Home Warranty, which covers all parts and components of up to two ducted air conditioning systems, either central or wall units. All the units must be designed for residential use and should not exceed a 5-ton capacity.

2. Age of the house 

In case you have bought a brand new house from the developer, you might not need a home warranty for the first few years. All your home systems and appliances are most likely covered under the manufacturer's or developer’s insurance.

However, as soon as this insurance expires, all thrifty homeowners in New York State purchase a comprehensive home warranty. Some of them start with basic plans, like the one offered by America’s First Choice Home Club. For only $29 per month, this plan covers the very necessities: heating and air conditioning systems, and a water heater.

For those homeowners who are interested in more comprehensive coverage, many home warranty companies offer Premier or Combo plans that include coverage for major home systems and appliances. These types of plans will work the best for the owners of older houses.

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Select Home Warranty offers one of the best combo plans on the market. Compared to its counterparts, this company provides coverage for more home appliances and better coverage for all major home systems at a very competitive price of only $42 per month.

3. Size of the house

Purchasing a bigger house does not mean that you have to pay more for a home warranty in New York State. As we have mentioned above, some of the companies, like Total Home Protection, take into consideration the size of your house and provide coverage for up to two heating or air conditioning systems at no extra charge.

Other companies, like Select Home Warranty, offer optional coverage for an additional water heater, furnace, or air conditioning unit for a reasonable price of up to $70 per year, or less than $6 per month. Paying a little now may save you a lot later if any of these items require an unexpected repair or replacement.

Check out this video for some seasonal home maintenance tips from WKBW TV in Buffalo, NY.


What Are The New York Home Warranty Regulations?

Before you sign a contract with any home warranty company, it would be useful to know which authority regulates them so that you could find a complain if something goes wrong and the customer service is unable to help. All home warranty companies in NY must be registered with The New York State Department of Financial Services as service contract providers.


A home warranty can be very useful if you carefully do your research and purchase the coverage that fits your house best. Finding the best home warranty is not an easy task, and was created in order to help you. We have collected information on multiple companies and organized it in a convenient way that allows you to compare different home warranty companies and their plans.

While selecting a home warranty, the most important things you should think about are the location of your house, its age, and size. Houses located in Upstate New York should have a home warranty that provides the best coverage for heating systems and water heaters, while New York City and Long Island residents should consider home warranty plans that cover air conditioning units.

For newer houses, the homeowners in New York State might not need a comprehensive home warranty. For their needs, many companies offer basic plans that include only essential home systems and appliances.

On the other hand, for older houses, almost every company on our list offers a Premier or Combo plan that includes all major home systems, kitchen, and laundry appliances.

Most home warranty companies develop their plans taking into consideration an average middle-sized house. However, if your house is bigger than average, there are companies that will either provide coverage for additional systems under their regular plans or under the optional coverage.

We hope that information we have collected and organized will help you select the right company to cover your home systems and appliances in case any unplanned repairs or replacements are needed. Be sure to read through our New York home warranty reviews before making up your mind (although it is always a good practice to inquire with a few companies and use the one you found the most reliable and trustworthy).

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