Top Best Home Warranty Companies In Montana Review

Are you looking for the best home warranty in Montana? Perfect, you’re in the right spot. In this guide, you’ll learn:

  • Who needs a Montana home protection plan?
  • What plans are available in Montana?
  • What do Montana residents need to think about when shopping for a home warranty plan?
  • And much more!

After reading our comprehensive guide, you will know which coverage options are most important, when you need a home warranty, and how much it costs to protect your home with a home warranty. 

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Best Home Warranty Companies in Montana

  # 1 Our Top Choice Choice Home Warranty
Editorial Rating 97.5
  • $50 Off + 1 month free
  • Won't deny coverage if systems/appliances are old
  • Free cancellation within 30 days
  • Emergency service available
  • Reservice for failed repairs
  # 2 American Home Shield
Editorial Rating 97.0
  • Get $100 off
  • Lower chance of claim denial
  • 24/7 service calls and online service
  • Large and established firm
  • Choose your own service fee!
  • Market veteran
  # 3 Select Home Warranty
Editorial Rating 95.8
  • $175 off + 2 months free
  • FREE Roof Leak Coverage
  • Good selection of plans
  • High contractor professionalism
  • $0 transfer fee
  • First 30 days: Free cancellation
  # 4 Amazon Home Warranty
Editorial Rating 95.6
  • $100 Off + 1 Month Free
  • Good BBB rating B
  • 24/7 service calls
  • Smaller company
  • Online chat not supported
  # 5 Liberty Home Guard
Editorial Rating 95.1
  • $200 off + 2 month free + Free Roof Coverage
  • Newly designed customer claim portal
  • The BBB's #1 Home Warranty Company
  • Smaller company
  • Newer on the market
  # 6 Cinch Home Services
Editorial Rating 95.0
  • Get $100/ $50 off!
  • Large number of homeowners
  • Clients report fair compensation
      # 7 First American Home Warranty
    Editorial Rating 94.9
    • Best Customer Service 2020
    • Large and established
    • Plans from $25/m
    • Automatically renewed policy
    • Limited selection of extra coverage

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    best home warranty in montana review

    At Review Home Warranty, we reviewed nearly 70 home warranty companies throughout the United States. We then compared the coverage options available in Montana to figure out which companies offer the most comprehensive and affordable protection packages for you. 

    At the end of this article, you will find our list of the five best home warranty companies in Montana. Make sure you check it out!


    Who Needs A Home Warranty in Montana?

    All Montana property owners can use a home warranty to avoid surprise repair bills. But, homeowners aren't the only ones who benefit, realtors and renters can also enjoy the peace of mind that comes with an excellent home warranty policy.


    Homeowners receive the most apparent rewards from a home warranty plan. As a property owner, you have a lot to handle. 

    You have taxes, monthly mortgage premiums, yard maintenance, utility bills, pest control, and other expenses to consider. With all of that on your plate, an unexpected repair or primary system replacement can cut into your savings account. 

    A home warranty can help you budget for home repairs, so you aren't caught off guard. Home service companies give you the option of tailoring coverage to fit your family's needs. It doesn’t matter if you own new appliances and older home systems in your Montana residence; there is a plan that will protect your items.

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    Buying a new home is one of the most exciting experiences of a lifetime. Your home purchase is an investment in your future. 

    When you buy a home, you never know when it might need repairs. Even with a clean home inspection report, a major system in your home could malfunction days or weeks after you close. 

    So, many homeowners cover their properties with a comprehensive Montana home warranty. When you invest in a protection plan that includes systems and appliances, it helps you to maintain your investment. 

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    Home Sellers and Real Estate Agents

    When you sell your home, the last thing you want to do is make repairs before closing. However, that is the situation many sellers find themselves in when they do not invest in a home protection plan. 

    You are responsible for making all home repairs before your property closes. Furthermore, if the inspection report shows that a system or appliance is not working correctly, the buyer may ask you to repair the item before they agree to move forward with the purchase. 

    With a home warranty, you do not have to worry about that. When you purchase a plan as a seller, your coverage is transferable to the new owner, and top Montana home warranty companies allow you to transfer the program for free or for a nominal fee. Choice Home Warranty, for example, offers a free transfer fee. 

    So, you enjoy protection while your house is on the market, and the new owners continue to have protection throughout the first year that they own the home. 

    If you are a Montana real estate agent, a home warranty can help protect your sale, but also help you make it. Many agents consider purchasing a home warranty as house warming presents for their customers. 

    Overall, having a quality property protection plan in place can prevent buyers from backing out of a deal. It can also help you sell an older home faster because buyers are looking for homes that are easy to maintain.

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    Renters and Landlords

    Renting a house should mean you do not have to worry about maintenance issues. However, that is not always the case. 

    Many renters pay their rent on time each month only to find themselves in a situation where they need a landlord to fix something, but the job just does not get done. Anytime this happens, it is stressful because there is not a lot you can do. 

    With a home warranty plan in place, renters do not have to worry about items like their heating system, water heater, air conditioning, and other essential elements not being repaired by the homeowner. 

    For landlords, a home warranty plan can help you save time and budget for repairs. When something breaks, instead searching for a qualified service technician, you simply contact your home warranty company. 

    They will then schedule one of their service providers to come out and inspect the item. You then pay a service fee, and the home warranty pays the remainder up to the limits on your policy. If you want, you can even include the service fee in your lease contract. 

    Many landlords require the tenant to pay the service charge, but that is something you need to advise the tenant of upfront. 

    Are you a veteran renting your home in Montana? Check out this article for the top plans for veterans. 


    What Should You Think About When Purchasing A Home Warranty in Montana?

    In each state, homeowners have different things to consider when it comes to home warranties. You have to factor in the weather, geography, and location of your home because each of those elements impacts the systems that are most important in your home and may also increase your need for household repairs.


    The weather in Montana plays a significant role in homeowners' home warranty coverage needs. Winters are cold, cloudy, and dry, with temperatures below freezing. Summers are mild and short.

    However, temperatures do tend to be as high as 85 degrees during July and August, the hottest months of the year, and they can get as high as the mid-90s. 

    Montana mountain home with home warranty protection

    It also rains throughout the year and snows frequently. Montana's weather conditions mean homeowners need a working HVAC system, water heater, plumbing system, and electrical system. 

    Can you imagine spending days during the winter without a working heating system, or sitting in a sweltering house during the hottest days of the year? That is the situation some Montana homeowners find themselves in because HVAC systems tend to break when they are working hardest to maintain the temperature.

    When you purchase a home warranty plan that covers home appliances and major systems, you do not have to worry about you or your loved ones getting stuck without an essential device. 


    Montana is one of the westernmost states in the country, and it shares its western border with Canada. It is well-known for the Great Plains, vast areas of wide-open space, but the Rocky Mountains also run through the state.

    Additionally, there are glaciers, lakes, rivers, and caverns. So, the terrain varies greatly depending on if you live in Great Falls, Missoula, Big Sky, Bozeman, Billings, or Helena.

    The geography means that some areas of the state may be more challenging to access than others. If you live in an area that is challenging to get to, it can be challenging to find a service contractor that works in your area. 

    Home warranty customers do not have to worry about finding service professionals because all of the top Montana home warranty companies have extensive networks of qualified professionals. You just put in a service call with your home service company, and they will schedule an appointment with a local contractor.

    Take a look at this video of Montana to view its diverse terrain: 


    What Will A Home Warranty Cost A Resident Of Montana?

    Montana home warranties are similar in price to plans in other parts of the United States. You can cover your home with an affordable combo plan for between $350 and $650 a year. Or, you can choose between a systems or appliance plan for around $50 a month. 

    As a home service contract holder, you will also need to pay a service fee each time a technician visits your home to repair a covered item. The service fees generally range from $50 to $150. So, if you have a tight budget or live on a fixed income, you will want to select a company that offers low service fees. 


    What Types Of Plans Are Available For You In Montana?

    Are you wondering what types of coverage are available for your Montana home? We do not blame you. Knowing what plan options you have is essential when you are shopping for a home warranty protection package. 


    Do you have older appliances and new home systems? If so, an appliance only package might offer adequate protection for you.

    Most appliance plans cover dishwashers, refrigerators, garbage disposals, garage door openers, cooktops, ceiling fans, smoke detectors, and water heaters

    These devices are expensive to repair or replace. So, covering your appliances is always a good idea when the manufacturer's warranty is no longer valid.

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    Systems plans only cover your home systems. If you live in an older home, but you recently purchased new appliances, a systems package is a good option for you. Most systems plans cover all of your home systems, including ductwork, electrical, plumbing, and HVAC, but they may exclude coverage for pools, spas, septic systems, and other specialty home components. 

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    Combo Plans

    Combo plans offer more comprehensive coverage and include all of your essential home components. Some providers offer these packages in tiers, while others include all of the most common systems and appliances. 

    Add-On Protection or Build Your Own Plans

    Hvac system protection with a montana home warranty company

    Aside from the above plan options, some companies also allow you to build your own. When you select a custom plan, you usually get a set number of appliances or systems you can choose. Each additional item costs a couple of dollars extra monthly. 

    These plans are superb for homeowners who have some older systems and appliances because they allow you to pick and choose which items to cover. So, you are not wasting money covering anything that is covered under a manufacturer's warranty. 

    You can also select coverage for additional items your home service plan does not include, like trash compactors, pools, central vacuums, ice makers, and deep freezers. 


    Is A Home Warranty Worth It In Montana?

    Are you wondering if a home warranty is worth it for your Montana home? You bet it is! 

    Experts suggest that homeowners spend around one percent of their home value on repairs and maintenance each year. They also say you should have at least a dollar per square foot in your home in savings to make major repairs. However, total air conditioning or heating system replacement can cost thousands more.

    A top of the line home warranty costs is around $650 a year. There might be some years when you do not use your plan for a costly repair. Still, most homeowners do have to call a maintenance professional at least once a year for things like plumbing stoppages, electrical malfunctions, a broken appliance, and more. 

    Montana Home Warranty Facts

    Additionally, your policy will give you peace of mind. Many homeowners find themselves in situations where they do not have the money to pay for a costly service bill when they need something fixed right away. 

    With your home warranty plan, you never have to worry about paying out of pocket for covered items. Plus, you have access to your warranty company's extensive network of vetted contractors, which saves you time. 

    The best home warranty plans also guarantee the work of their contractors for at least 30 days. So, you do not have to worry about hiring the wrong person for the job. 


    What Are The Home Warranty Regulations In Montana?

    The Department of Insurance does not regulate Montana home warranties like some states. Since the state does not view home warranties as insurance policies, the companies that offer them are not subject to the same laws that homeowners insurance companies must follow. 

    What does that mean for you? It means you have to be more diligent about the provider you choose. You can not rely on the Department of Insurance regulations to protect you. 

    However, you can file a complaint with the Montana Office of Consumer Protection if you have an issue with your home warranty provider. 


    How To Choose Coverage In Montana (Is It Unique)?

    Choosing coverage for your Montana home takes some special consideration. You need to consider the factors that affect you, and you need to follow a few steps to select the perfect plan for your home. 

    Step 1: Make A List Of The Items You Want To Cover

    Do you know which of your home's systems and appliances you want to cover? If you do, great! You are already on the road to selecting a great plan. 

    If you do not know which components you want to cover, you need to give that serious consideration. It is also a good idea to make a list of each item. 

    Step 2: Get Free Quotes 

    Next, you need to get free quotes from several top home warranty companies. All of the top companies give free quotes. 

    Obtaining a quote allows you to see exactly how much it will cost to purchase the package you want. It also allows you to compare the coverage offered by each provider. 

    Step 3: Read Home Warranty Reviews

    After you select a few companies, you need to check out home warranty reviews on consumer sites like the Better Business Bureau (BBB). Customer reviews can be beneficial because they give you first-hand accounts of what it is like to work with a home service provider.

    It is vital to know, though, that most people write reviews when they are unhappy, and companies with more contracts often have more reviews.


    Top Home Warranties For Montana Reviewed

    Now that you know how to shop for coverage, are you wondering which companies offer the best home warranties for Montana homeowners?

    If so, you are in luck. Below, you will find our top home warranty companies for Montana list with information, plans, and the pros and cons of working with each provider.

    1. Choice Home Warranty

    Choice Home Warranty is our top pick for homeowners in Montana. Choice is one of the largest companies in the home warranty industry. 

    Choice offers protection through two packages, and both plans are comprehensive and affordable. The Basic Plans starts at just $36.17 per month, and it includes more than a dozen of your home's systems and major appliances, including your heating system and water heater. 

    The Total Plan is less than $10 more per month at $43.85, and it includes clothes washers and dryers, refrigerators, air conditioning, ductwork, and more. 

    Read Our Full Review of Choice Home Warranty


    • Both of the plans offered by Choice cover heating systems. 
    • Choice customers and emergency services are available 24/7/365. 
    • Reservice for repairs is covered free of charge for 30 days for parts and 90 days for labor. 


    • Some customers report service call delays.
    • Older appliances may not be covered in your plan. 
    • Replacement costs may be more than plan limits.

    2. American Home Shield

    American Home Shield (AHS) is one of the oldest providers in the home warranty marketplace, and it has an extensive database of vetted service technicians. It also covers older appliances and devices with previous repairs. 

    You can choose between an appliance, systems, combo, and build your own plan. The home systems and appliance packages each start at $49.99, and combo plans cost $59.99 per month. 

    You can also opt for the build your own plan that covers 10 appliances and systems for $54.99, and additional items cost $2 per month. Add-on protection for items not included in your policy is available, and you can also choose between a few different service fee options. 

    Read Our Full Review of American Home Shield


    • AHS coverage is very customizable.
    • The contractors are knowledgeable and friendly.
    • You can submit claims online or over the phone. 


    • AHS is one of the more costly home warranty companies. 
    • Replacement limits for covered items differ. 
    • Contractor labor is only guaranteed for 30 days. 

    3. Select Home Warranty

    Select Home Warranty opened for business in 2009. Due to Select being a newer company offering Montana home warranties, it does not have as many service professionals, employees, or contracts.

    However, Select does offer plans that are comparable to its larger competitors. The plans you can purchase from Select Home Warranty include a Bronze, Silver, and Platinum Plan.

    The Bronze Plan covers appliances, and the Silver Plan covers systems. Both start at $35.83 per month. And, the Platinum Plan includes both for $37.50 monthly. 

    Read Our Full Review of Select Home Warranty


    • Select has positive ratings on consumer sites. 
    • Cancellation is free within the first 30 days of your contract. 
    • Select offers affordable plans and additional coverage options. 


    • You have to submit service requests within three days. 
    • The contractor pool is smaller than larger providers. 
    • Service requests may take longer.

    4. Total Home Protection

    Total Home Protection is even newer than Select Home Warranty. It opened in 2016. So, it is one of the newest options for Montana homeowners. However, coverage is worthwhile. The plans are budget-friendly, and if you have a septic system, the coverage is top-notch.

    Total also offers one of the best septic system plans available. You have a choice between a Gold Plan and a Platinum Plan. The Gold Plan coverage starts at $45.33 per month. 

    Read Our Full Review of Total Home Protection


    • The septic system plan is excellent. 
    • Reservice for contractor work is guaranteed for 90 days.
    • You have access to 24/7/365 customer and emergency services.


    • You only have one day to submit service requests.
    • There is a $50 cancellation fee after the first 30 days. 
    • Total Home Protection is a new company, so claims may not be as smooth. 

    5. First American Home Warranty

    First American Home Warranty, a veteran home protection company, and the plans are some of the most affordable home protection options available. So, if you are living on a tight budget, First American is a good selection.

    You can start coverage for several of your home's appliances and systems for just $28 a month. Or, you can opt for a more comprehensive plan that includes items like your clothes dryer and washing machine, refrigerator, and other home components for $42.50 per month. 

    One thing to note is that heating and air conditioning coverage is not included in either First American plan, so you will need to add onHVAC coverage if you have an older system. 

    Read Our Full Review of First American Home Warranty


    • The plans are some of the most affordable options available. 
    • You have access to a vast network of service providers. 
    • The add onHVAC coverage is phenomenal. 


    • You have to add on coverage to either plan for your HVAC system.
    • First American plans do not cover as many components as other providers. 
    • Your contract renews automatically 30 days before the contract end date.


    Final Thoughts On Home Warranties In Montana

    As a Montana homeowner, you have unique home warranty needs. By now, you probably have a good idea of what coverage options are important to you. 

    So, all you need to do is obtain a few free quotes, compare coverage, and start your home protection plan. Then, you, too, can enjoy the peace of mind that comes from owning one of the best home warranties in Montana.

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