Top Best Home Warranty Companies In Louisiana Review

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  • Are there any coverage options Louisiana consumers should select? 
  • How does the climate in Louisiana affect your need for a home warranty plan?
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Best Home Warranty Companies in Louisiana

  # 1 Our Top Choice Choice Home Warranty
Editorial Rating 97.5
  • $50 Off + 1 month free
  • Won't deny coverage if systems/appliances are old
  • Free cancellation within 30 days
  • Emergency service available
  • Reservice for failed repairs
  # 2 American Home Shield
Editorial Rating 97.0
  • Get $100 off
  • Lower chance of claim denial
  • 24/7 service calls and online service
  • Large and established firm
  • Choose your own service fee!
  • Market veteran
  # 3 Select Home Warranty
Editorial Rating 95.8
  • $175 off + 2 months free
  • FREE Roof Leak Coverage
  • Good selection of plans
  • High contractor professionalism
  • $0 transfer fee
  • First 30 days: Free cancellation
  # 4 Amazon Home Warranty
Editorial Rating 95.6
  • $100 Off + 1 Month Free
  • Good BBB rating B
  • 24/7 service calls
  • Smaller company
  • Online chat not supported
  # 5 Liberty Home Guard
Editorial Rating 95.1
  • $200 off + 2 month free + Free Roof Coverage
  • Newly designed customer claim portal
  • The BBB's #1 Home Warranty Company
  • Smaller company
  • Newer on the market
  # 6 Cinch Home Services
Editorial Rating 95.0
  • Get $100/ $50 off!
  • Large number of homeowners
  • Clients report fair compensation
      # 7 Total Home Protection
    Editorial Rating 91.9
    • $200 OFF + 2 Months Free
    • Free Roof Coverage
    • Comprehensive coverage plans
    • 1 day to submit claim
    • Limited availability (6 states)

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    How Popular Are Home Warranties In Louisiana?

    There has been a steady growth in the Louisiana population over the years. As of 2019, there are over 4.68 million people, making Louisiana the 25th most populated state in the USA. Of them, more than three million people are homeowners who want to protect their property with a home warranty. Why would they want to do that? Here are some of the most popular reasons why:


    Do You Need A Home Warranty In Louisiana? 

    Home warranty policyholders in Baton Rouge, Metairie, New Orleans, Shreveport, and across Louisiana know that a service plan helps homeowners save time and money. The level of coverage you select may differ depending on your financial situation and the age of your home. 

    However, the climate in Louisiana can cause homeowners to have to make more frequent repairs. So, many owners decide to protect their homes with an affordable plan rather than dealing with the stress home repairs cause. 

    Whether you are working with a real estate agent to purchase your first home or have been a homeowner for many years, you should strongly consider purchasing a protection plan. 


    Get Repairs Done Faster

    When you purchase a home warranty plan from one of the best providers in Louisiana, you don't have to waste your time finding a contractor when a home system or an appliance breaks. Most home warranty companies have 24/7 customer service and emergency service contractors. 

    So, if you have a plumbing stoppage or your HVAC system stops working on a major holiday, you do not have to worry about finding a service provider to fix the problem. Even in non-urgent cases, most home warranty companies will have a qualified service provider at your home within 2 to 4 business days. At the same time, it could take weeks for a contractor you hire yourself to fit you into their busy schedule. 

    The Louisiana Climate Perpetuates Repairs 

    Another good reason you need a good home warranty is the hot, subtropical climate in Louisiana. With long, hot, and humid summers, it is crucial to have an operational air conditioning system. 

    HVAC systems are one of the most expensive in your home to repair or replace. So, it is essential to have coverage for this major home system. 

    Louisiana Homebuyer Home Warranty Facts

    Louisiana also gets frequent storms that cause power outages. While a home warranty will not cover storm damage, the right plan will cover your electrical system and appliances. Frequent power interruptions can wear on your electrical system and even cause power surges that destroy your valuable home devices. 


    What Plans Are Available For Your New Home? 

    There are dozens of home warranty companies in Louisiana, and many of the plans offered are similar. The majority of companies provide basic appliance and systems plans and total combo plans for both types of items. If you know that you want maximum coverage for your home, most companies offer add-on options for pools, septic systems, and pools. 

    However, it is essential to know what each plan covers. Otherwise, you might not purchase the right package for your needs. 

    Appliance Packages

    Appliance packages cover your home's components like the clothes washer, dryer, dishwasher, garbage disposal, ceiling fans, garage door opener, and others that you use every day. No matter the age of your appliances, they are susceptible to breaking because you use them often. 

    Even if you own a new home, an appliance package can save you tons of time and money. It should be noted that an appliance package is what some companies consider as "basic coverage," as no systems are included. 

    Home Systems Plan

    Each home has an electrical, plumbing, ductwork, cooling, and heating system that has to be maintained. Without a warranty when one of these major systems breaks, you are on the line for thousands of dollars to pay for repairs. 

    A home systems plan covers these systems, but not appliances. Many basic policies do not protect ductwork, cooling, and heating systems. So, some homeowners opt for a systems plan to include these expensive home components. 

    Individual appliance and home system plans are an excellent option for first time home buyers and homeowners on a budget. Basic coverage plans start as low as $275. 

    Total/Combo Plans and Add-Ons 

    Combo plans are also available. So, you can bundle one or more policies for even greater protection. Similar to how many companies brand individual systems or appliances plan as "basic," combo plans are also known in the industry as "total plans." For example, American Home Shield offers a combo plan that bundles 21+ home systems and items into one plan.

    Add-on coverage gives owners the ability to cover pools, septic systems, and other components not included in a basic or premium plan. 

    How Do Home Warranties Give Home Owners Peace Of Mind?

    Owning one of the best home warranty plans in Louisiana means that you have all of the essential home systems and home appliances covered. Even if the program that you have purchased does not include some items, like an additional refrigerator, central vacuum, or swimming pool, you can always add these items from the optional add-on list for a small fee. 

    new home buyer tips

    Homeowners who decide not to purchase home warranty protection have to pay out of pocket when anything in their home breaks. They also have to search for a qualified service contractor to complete repairs. 

    You can avoid the stress of homeownership by allowing a home warranty plan to take care of service requests for covered items for you. All you do is pay the monthly or yearly fee for the policy and a service fee, which typically runs between $60 and $150, and your warranty company will pay the balance up to the limits on your plan. 

    So, you do not have to worry about spending days in a hot home if your air conditioner is on the fritz or washing your clothes by hand when your washing machine breaks and you do not have the money to call a service professional.


    How Can You Save The Most Money With A Home Warranty? 

    Just by owning a home protection plan, you are well on your way to saving a ton of money. However, by following our simple tips, you can get even more out of your plan.

    Cover All Of Your Home Systems And Appliances

    The more coverage you have, the less you have to worry. There are dozens of appliances and systems in your home. Opting for a basic plan will help if one of the covered items breaks, but you are still leaving yourself financially responsible for each item that you do not cover. 

    Take Advantage Of Value-Added Services

    Some companies offer the home service club members value-added services, like free air filters, low service call, and maintenance fees, free quotes, and more. As a customer, you should take advantage of these free services if you want to get more out of owning a home warranty plan. 

    Take Advantage Of Low Monthly Payment Options

    When you purchase a home warranty, most companies will allow you to break the yearly premium down into monthly payments. The monthly payments for plans run from $25 a month for a basic plan to $150 a month for premium coverage and add-ons. 

    Looking For The Best Home Warranty Plan? - Read Our Research

    As a resident of Louisiana, you deserve the best of the best when it comes to home warranty coverage. If you're looking for a top plan, be sure to check out this article on how to choose the plan for your needs.

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    If you are unable to pay for an entire plan in full, the monthly option is a great way to get the most coverage for 12 low payments. 

    Save Money By Paying For Your Plan Upfront

    While breaking the home warranty plan up into monthly payments might be the best way for some owners to get full-coverage for their home, you can save money if you pay for the full year upfront. That's right, most home warranty providers in Louisiana give customers a discount if they pay for the entire plan upfront.

    Choose A Plan With High Limits For Replacements

    Most plans cover replacements and repairs. However, the coverage limits for each differ depending on the company you choose. So, it is best to select a company that will cover your appliances and home's systems in full if necessary. 

    Can You Increase the Value of Your Property with a Home Warranty?

    In Louisiana, real estate agents noticed that houses covered by a home warranty sell faster and at a better price. The buyer is less likely to negotiate the price if they know that any unexpected repairs of home systems and appliances are covered under a home warranty.

    On the other hand, home sellers are also happy to have their houses covered under the best home warranty plans in Louisiana. In case something breaks when the house is on the market, they don’t incur additional extra expenses.

    Top home warranties in Louisiana, allow contract transfers from home sellers to home buyers, and some companies do not even charge a fee for the transfer. 

    First Time Home Buyer Tips - Read Our Blog

    Are you looking forward to buying your first house? Don't rush! Read our blog first. You may find some useful tips about first time home buying and what comes with it. Build your budget, get a good home warranty plan, and watch for those surprise costs!

    Helpful Tips For The First Time Homeowners - Read More In Our Blog

    Once the home warranty in Louisiana is transferred to the home buyer, it will be renewed automatically on an annual basis unless canceled. Cancellation with refund is usually available within a limited amount of time. In most cases, you have up to 30 days from the contract expiration date. 

    The home warranty companies offer a huge variety of home warranty plans to Louisiana customers. Which one is best for you? We have analyzed over 100 plans and selected the ones that offer the best balance in terms of price and coverage. Here we offer you a guide on how to select a home warranty step-by-step, and how to choose the right plan for your house. 


    Are There Home Warranty Regulations In Louisiana?

    Builders in Louisiana have to provide a warranty with any new home they sell. However, builder warranties will only cover the building itself. The new home warranty does not have to include appliance protection and only covers home systems for two years. 

    So, even new home buyers can benefit from a warranty protection plan. If a builder warranty covers your home, you can opt for a less expensive appliance package until you need more comprehensive coverage.

    Still wondering if a home warranty is worth it for you? Check out this expert video.


    Are There Additional Tips For Buying A Louisiana Home Warranty? 

    Buying a home warranty in Louisiana is a smart move for all the reasons we mentioned: saving time and money, preserving your peace of mind, and a possible increase in the value of your property.

    However, you should exercise caution while buying a home warranty to avoid any disappointment later. Reading consumer reviews created and comparing the home warranty companies in Louisiana will help you select the best home warranty plan for your house.

    When selecting the items that you want to be covered under a home warranty, pay attention to the list of covered and non-covered items, as well as the coverage limits because they vary from company to company. 


    What Are The Top 5 Best Home Warranty Companies In Louisiana? 

    Below we compiled information for each of the best home warranties in Louisiana, including valuable information about the company, a brief overview of the coverage options, and pros and cons. These five companies offer comprehensive plans with generous coverage limits, which is why we recommend them for Louisiana homeowners. 

    1. Choice Home Warranty

    Choice Home Warranty is our top pick for home protection in Louisiana. Choice is a top home warranty provider servicing most of the United States. There are two plans you can choose from: the Basic Plan starting at under $40 a month and the Total Plan, which is under $45 a month. 

    You also have the option of adding on protection for pools, additional appliances, and home systems. 

    Read Our Full Review of Choice Home Warranty


    • Choice has affordable coverage options for all budgets. 
    • Repairs are usually complete within 2 to 4 days of your service request. 
    • You have the option of making claims over the phone or online. 


    • Service fees are $85. 
    • You cannot customize your plan. 
    • You must cancel your policy 30 days before your contract end date. 

    2. American Home Shield

    As one of the oldest home warranty providers, American Home Shield (AHS) is a leader in the industry. AHS has a robust network of service contractors. So, getting a covered item repaired through one of its providers is usually quick. 

    You have the option of covering systems or appliances for $49.99 a month. If you want to cover both, you can select a combo plan for $59.99 a month, and you also have the option of building your plan starting at $54 to cover ten items and $2 for each additional component you include.

    Read Our Full Review of American Home Shield


    • American Home Shield offers the most customizable plans. 
    • The appliance protection is among the best available. 
    • Undiagnosed pre-existing conditions and previous repairs are covered. 


    • Plans renew automatically unless canceled 30 days before the contract end date. 
    • There is a 30 day waiting period for repairs on covered items unless you purchase your plan in a real estate closing. 
    • Plans are more expensive than other carriers. 

    3. Select Home Warranty

    In 2012, Select Home Warranty entered the home warranty marketplace. Since then, it has been providing customers with valuable home protection and gained a reputation for providing excellent service and comprehensive coverage. 

    The plans start at $35.80, and you can opt for advanced coverage with the Gold Plan for just $37.50. You also have the option to add protection for your pool or other items not covered in your plan for a low monthly fee. 

    Read Our Full Review of Select Home Warranty


    • Select Home Warranty offers excellent plan options. 
    • Cancellation is free within 30 days of the contract start date. 
    • The contractors are knowledgeable and professional. 


    • After the first 30 days, there is a $75 cancellation fee. 
    • Reservice for repairs might not be covered. 
    • You only have three days to submit repair requests. 

    4. Total Home Protection

    Out 4th pick for home warranty coverage in Louisiana is Total Home Protection (THP). Plans start at $45.33 per month for the Gold Plan, and complete protection with the Platinum Plan costs $52.70 monthly. 

    THP also offers promotional discounts if you pay for your plan in advance, which could save you up to $100 a year on your home warranty plan.

    Read Our Full Review of Total Home Protection


    • Add-on coverage for appliances and home systems is available. 
    • Emergency service and 24/7 customer support are available. 
    • You can make claims over the phone and online. 


    • Total Home Protection is a smaller service contract company. 
    • After the first 30 days, there is a $50 cancellation fee. 
    • Policies automatically renew if you do not cancel 30 days before your contract end date. 

    5. Amazon Home Warranty

    Amazon Home Warranty began offering home warranty protection in 2009. There are several plan options you can choose between, starting at just $42 a month for an appliance or systems plan. 

    If you want to go with a combo plan, Amazon's costs $52 a month, and add-ons for pools, appliances, and home systems not covered in the other programs start at just $4.99 a month.

    Read Our Full Review of Amazon Home Warranty


    • The first month is free if you pay for your plan upfront. 
    • Amazon provides 24/7 support and emergency services. 
    • Reservice for failed repairs are covered for 30 days. 


    • You only have one day to make claims. 
    • You might have to pay an additional fee for emergency service. 
    • Emergency services might take longer than other companies with more extensive contractor networks.

    Closing Thoughts on Home Warranty Coverage in Louisiana

    Choosing the right provider for your home is difficult, as most companies have different plans and have different price points. But, because you have reached the end of this review, the fun part of making a purchase on a home warranty just got started.

    Overall, if you're looking for quality coverage and comprehensive plan options in LA, Choice Home Warranty is the best option. Not only is it our editors pick, but their affordable policies make adding pool coverage, septic coverage and roof leak to any plan a great deal.

    Now that you have an idea of which home warranty provider is the top pick in Louisiana, we encourage you to make the move and give your home the protection it needs.

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