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Home systems and appliances can suddenly break down one day, and usually at the worst possible time. A home warranty is a homeowner's best defense against the inconvenience and expense of unexpected repairs. So, if you want to protect yourself from the concerns connected with home repairs, this HomeGuard HomeWarranty review is what you need to read.

Our team at ReviewHomeWarranties.com analyzed such important aspects as HomeGuard HomeWarranty’s plans, coverage, pricing, terms and conditions, trustworthiness, along with customer reviews. We also compared this home warranty provider to its competitors to help you see its place in the market. So, whether you live in Arizona or California, read this HomeGuard HomeWarranty review to make the right decision.

Updated for Jan 15, 2019

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Plans and Coverage:
The Fine Print:
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Covered Appliances and Systems
Facts and Figures
1 day
Effective in
$380 - $600
$1000 - $1500
Pros And Cons
Excellent BBB rating A
Market veteran
Emergency service available
24/7 service calls

Online chat not supported
Not available in all states
Low contractor ability reported
Higher chance of claim denial
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Editorial Notes

HomeGuard HomeWarranty Inc. has been serving their customers for more than thirteen years. It is a California-based company that provides home warranty services for both homeowners and real estate professionals in just two states in the USAArizona and California.

This home warranty provider offers a broad range of plans and prices, as well as a wide selection of optional coverage. All of these features make it attractive for clients residing in the covered area. In addition, the limits are higher than most home warranty companies offer.

An A-rating and accreditation of HomeGuard HomeWarranty proves its competitiveness and reliability. Customers of the company are provided with free reservice in case the repair fails. Emergency service is available as well.

On the other hand, we can mention the restricted accessibility of this company—you can contact them only via phone or official website.

Premium cost level:
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Can you trust HomeGuard HomeWarranty Inc.? In this part of the review, our team will do our best to help you answer this question.

HomeGuard HomeWarranty Inc. was established and is headquartered in San Jose, California. The company has been in the home warranty business since 2005. This service provider offers home warranty protection for only two states in the United States—Arizona and California, making its service area very limited. However, this can be an advantage, as they are familiar with the conditions of the areas, so they understand the homeowner’s needs very well.

If any disputes occur, they will be resolved by the American Arbitration Association.


How to contact
Main Page >> Contact Us
Online chat
Social media

The accessibility of HomeGuard HomeWarranty is limited—you can only contact the representatives of the company via phone or through the contact form on the website. HomeGuard HomeWarranty phone number is listed on their official site. However, customers can file claims online and receive assistance over the phone 24/7. Unfortunately, there is no online chat available, or social media pages.

Benchmarks HomeGuard HomeWarranty Other companies

Company size
0 1,650
Annual revenue
No data
0 $1,276,000,000
Number of homeowners
No data
0 2,200,000
Number of BBB complaints closed within last 3 years
0 14,850
0 383,900
Number of independent contractors
No data
0 44,000


BBB accreditation
A (Accredited)

The rating from the Better Business Bureau and other consumer reporting sites is one of the most important aspects of a home warranty company’s trustworthiness. HomeGuard HomeWarranty Inc. is accredited by the BBB and has an A-rating, which is higher than most of the companies in the industry. For example, the industry leader—Select Home Warranty, has a С-rating and is not accredited by the BBB.

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If you have already decided which systems and home appliances you want to be covered under home warranty, we will provide you with a description of HomeGuard HomeWarranty’s plans, prices, limits, and optional coverage items in this part of the review.

There are five HomeGuard home warranty plans that cover both systems and equipment: the Standard Coverage, Advantage Combo (without a/c), Advantage Combo (with a/c), Total Protection (without a/c), Total Protection (with a/c). The plans are developed primarily for real estate sellers and buyers. The covered items of all plans differ only in the air conditioning systems, but the more expensive the plan, the wider the coverage list for each item.

The company's premiums of $380 to $600 are competitive by industry standards and can be compared to America's 1st Choice Home Club’s prices.

HomeGuard HomeWarranty also offers optional coverage for many unique items, such as an ornamental fountain, solar hot water system, and solar pool/spa equipment. This will cost you between $30 to $175, which is within the industry average's range.

The deductible for a service call is $75, which is in line with the industry. HomeGuard HomeWarranty provides high limits of $500 to $5,000, which is very attractive. For example, the best home warranty company operating in Arizona and California—Total Home Protection—limits its coverage up to $500. Please note that prices, including service fees, may vary by state.

Summary of plans and coverage:

Coverage Term
Service Call Fee
ItemsLimit Platinum Combo Plan Platinum Combo Plan Silver Combo Plan Gold Combo Plan Gold Combo Plan Optional Coverage
Premium Amount - $580.00 $48.00 $600.00 $50.00 $380.00 $32.00 $455.00 $39.00 $505.00 $42.00 $30.00 - $170.00
Service Call Fee - $75.00 $75.00 $75.00 $75.00 $75.00 $75.00 $75.00 $75.00 $75.00 $75.00 -
Term, Month - 12 1 12 1 12 1 12 1 12 1 12
Coverage$500.00 - $5,000.00

Air Conditioning and Heating Systems

HomeGuard HomeWarranty coverage includes refrigeration systems including heat pumps, condensing units, compressors, coils, motors, fuses, breakers, valves, thermostats, and filters. Leaks in freon lines will be covered as well. The company also covers all parts and components that affect the operation of the heating unit.


HomeGuard HomeWarranty Inc. will repair leaks and breaks in water, waste, polybutylene pipes, vent, or gas lines within the perimeter of the main foundation of the home or garage. There is also coverage for the shower/tub valves, toilet tanks, toilets, bowls and working mechanisms, and sump pumps. The company also covers clearing of sewer lines and mainline stoppages to 125 feet from point of access at existing ground level cleanout.

Electrical System

HomeGuard HomeWarranty provides protection for circuit breakers, junction boxes, plugs, switches and fuses, telephone wiring, doorbells, and smoke detectors, as well as all components and parts that affect the operation of the whole house fans and central vacuum systems.

Home Appliances

The list of covered home appliances includes dishwashers, garbage disposals, built-in food centers, garage door openers, built-in microwaves, ranges/ovens/cooktops, and trash compactors. All components and parts that affect the operation of these appliances are covered.

You can find more details on the parts, components, and breakages protected by the company in the table above. Press the "Expand" button to find more information.

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The Fine Print

Comparison to Industry
Coverage effective after
At industry minimum
Cancellation with refund within
Cancellation fee
Below industry average
Automatic policy renewal
As 94.6% of industry
Time to cancel automatic renewal
Fee for contract transfer
Max time to submit claim
Repair timeframe
At industry maximum
Repair timeframe (weekends and holidays)
Below industry average
Free second opinion
As 50% of industry
Emergency service available
As 86.8% of industry
Hours for service calls
As 85.2% of industry
Reservice if repairs fail
Standard for industry
Free reservice period (parts)
Above industry average
Free reservice period (labor)
At industry minimum

A definite sign of a company’s trustworthiness is the transparency of its terms and conditions. We investigated a sample contract in the Home Guard Home Warranty brochure on their website to provide you with information on its terms, as well as any gray areas.

First of all, the coverage of HomeGuard HomeWarranty Inc. is effective after one day, which means that you’ll have your house covered the day you sign the contract. This is the minimum term compared to competitors. For instance, Colorado Home Warranty, Home Warranty Inc., and Elevate Home Warranty offer the same period.

Your contract will be automatically renewed if not canceled, which is standard in the industry. However, any data on the period to cancel is not available. The cancellation fee is below the industry average and amounts to $35. Unfortunately, a free second opinion is unavailable.

Customer service functions 24/7, and emergency service is available as well. In non-emergency cases, the repair timeframe during weekdays, weekends, and holidays is two business days.

Once you’ve had an appliance or system repaired, the company guarantees the parts of that particular repair for 90 days and labor for a period of 30 days. So, you won’t have to pay two times for the same breakdown.

Our analysts did not manage to find any data on the period to cancel with refund, the fee for contract transfer, or the maximum time to submit a claim. The absence of this information can cause unexpected costs and repair delays.

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Customer Reviews and Feedback

Quotes from actual customer reviews:

I have used HGHW and was assisted by Mr. John Vega, he was swift and professional, he answered all my questions and promptly responded with necessary documents needed to be provided with a Cash Out as agreed to by the company.

Yelp, Carson, California December 12, 2018

When i asked why we weren't given the time to review the renewal paperwork, he said it was their mistake but that they weren't required to, which seems rather shady In addition, when we filed a claim with them last year, they scheduled an appointment right away, but waited two weeks after the appointment to tell us that the item we needed fixed couldn't be fixed and offered payment. Great, we were paid out for it, but why draw things out so long?

Yelp, Santa Clarita, California May 4, 2018

Summary of ratings from popular review sites:

HomeGuard HomeWarranty Industry Average


Relative Score

Adjusted Score

Google Reviews

Summary Rating

Types of repairs performed according to customer feedback:

Disposal Air conditioner Dryer Refrigerator Dishwasher Heating system

Main takeaway points from customer feedback:

HomeGuard HomeWarranty
Industry Average
Good work
Professional contractor
Good communication
Money offer
Fast work
Act of good faith
Communication problems
Repair delay
Claim denial
Tricky terms
Unprofessional contractor
Unexpected costs
Payment delay

In this part of the HomeGuard HomeWarranty review, we will provide you with the results of our research conducted through the BBB and Yelp. This will help you see if existing customers are satisfied with this provider’s service.

In analyzing the customer feedback, we found that most clients used the company’s services for ductwork.

Home Guard Home Warranty’s Yelp reviews showed that clients are pleased with the service, as they gave it a 2.5 rating compared to the 1.8 industry average. Also, this home warranty provider has an A-rating from one of the biggest rating sites—the BBB—so the level of client satisfaction with the company’s service is quite high. 

A total of 10% of clients praised good communication and the reimbursement, which is respectively two and three times higher than the industry average index.

On the other hand, half of the clients had communication problems. Overall, 23% of the customers complained about claim denials, 14% mentioned repair delays, and 5% said that the company's terms were tricky. This may mean that the customer understood the contract one way, but then the company referred to some items in the terms and conditions and paid only a small part of the reimbursement.

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The Final Words

Is HomeGuard HomeWarranty good?

HomeGuard HomeWarranty Inc. has been in the home warranty market since 2005. Although the company's services are limited only to Arizona and California, the small covered area can be beneficial, as the contractors are focused on particular local needs.

HomeGuard HomeWarranty’s coverage and premiums are comparable with other home warranty providers offering similar products. However, some important appliances, such as washers, dryers, and refrigerators are not covered in the plans and require an extra premium, which is not the case with many of the company's competitors. However, the list of add-ons is very long compared to most home warranty companies.

Providing comprehensive plans, average deductibles, high limits up to $5,000, and an A-rating from the BBB makes this company attractive and a good value for your money. However, the good service of the company is rarely mentioned in reviews, which can cause some doubt to their credibility.

Nevertheless, if you want to trust your home to HomeGuard HomeWarranty Inc., contact its representatives to get a free quote. If you are still not sure what provider to choose, then look through the list of home warranty service providers on ReviewHomeWarranties.com and choose the best option for you.

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