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Why is this Home Warranty of America review for 2019 useful for you to read? Because it will help you decide on whether or not to choose this company for your home warranty. In making this review, the team of ReviewHomeWarranties.com based its findings on the company’s terms and conditions, reputation, comparison with other companies in this industry, as well as consumer HWA reviews from customer reporting sites.

This Home Warranty for America review will give you a clear idea of the company’s credibility, policy, coverage, and pricing before deciding to sign up with the company. So, read this review carefully, whether you live in Florida or Arizona, or any other state, before making a commitment.

Updated for Jan 03, 2019

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Plans and Coverage:
The Fine Print:
Editor Rating:
Reader Rating:
Covered Appliances and Systems
Facts and Figures
Effective in
$535 - $695
$75 - $100
$400 - $2000
Pros And Cons
Market veteran
Emergency service available
Free cancellation within 30 days
24/7 service calls

Incomprehensive coverage
1 day to submit a claim
Limited optional coverage items
Delays in repairs reported
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Editorial Notes

Home Warranty of America is an experienced company in the market. It has a positive reputation among homeowners and provides nationwide service, covering the whole territory of the USA. So, you can get your home warranty service wherever you live.

While HWA home warranty has high premiums, it also has high coverage limits. The company is appealing for having a wide range of services, covering the most common and essential items in your house. Having analyzed Home Warranty of America’s service, price, and quality, we can say that this company is a good value for your money.

Premium cost level:
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Can you trust Home Warranty of America? To answer this question, our team conducted a close analysis of the information available on the company’s website, as well as Home Warranty of America reviews from consumer reporting sites such as the BBB, Yelp, Google Reviews, and YSCAM.

Home Warranty of America was established in 1996 in Lincolnshire, Illinois, and has spread their service area across the USA, providing warranties to a vast number of homeowners. The company is a highly competitive one in the home warranty market.


How to contact
Main Page >> Contact HWA
Online chat
Social media

Like some home warranty companies, this HWA home warranty is easily accessible. You can submit your claim 24/7 online via chat, or by phone with service reps ready to assist you. Also, Home Warranty of America has a social media page on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

Benchmarks Home Warranty of America Other companies

Company size
0 1,650
Annual revenue
0 $1,276,000,000
Number of homeowners
No data
0 2,200,000
Number of BBB complaints closed within last 3 years
0 14,850
0 383,900
Number of independent contractors
No data
0 44,000


BBB accreditation
B (Accreditated)

Over the years, Home Warranty of America established a solid reputation as a reliable provider of home warranty coverage for their clients. The company was accredited by the BBB and has a B rating that makes it comparable to such giants of the industry as Select Home Warranty, or Total Home Protection—not accredited by the BBB.

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Before making a decision, look around your house and decide what items you want to cover with a home warranty and how much you can afford to pay. To ensure making the right choice, you should know exactly what is covered under the HWA warranty and what is not. In this part of the Home Warranty of America review, we researched the company’s coverage plans, pricing policy, and additional coverage, and compared these with other home warranty companies.

Home Warranty of America provides two coverage plans: the Silver Combo Plan, or Premier Plan, and Platinum Combo Plan, or Premier Plus Plan. Both home warranty plans protect a wide selection of home systems and appliances, but with a slight difference. However, the list of additional Home Warranty of America coverage is quite limited.

The Silver Combo Plan covers main home systems such as heating, plumbing, electrical, and ductwork, as well as a wide range of kitchen and laundry items. Air Conditioning is not included. This plan will cost you $535. It is more expensive when compared with First American Home Warranty—the industry veteran—where the Basic Plan is $300, and with Total Home Protection—another industry giant—at $419 for the Silver Combo Plan. However, Home Warranty of America offers a wider list of systems and appliances covered with this plan.

For homeowners who want to have as many items and systems protected under HWA warranty as possible, the Platinum Combo Plan is the best option. It serves the most essential home systems, including air conditioning, and the same list of appliance items as the previously described plan. This plan will be only $115 more than the Silver Combo Plan, but with one of the most important home systems—a/c—is definitely worth the cost.

In addition to any Home Warranty of America plan, you can add several items from the optional coverage list. These add-ons will cost you $46 to $138. For exact details, see the table of the coverage plans below.

Summary of plans and coverage:

Coverage Term
Service Call Fee
ItemsLimit Platinum Combo Plan Silver Combo Plan Optional Coverage
Premium Amount - $655.00 $695.00 $535.00 $580.00 $46.00 - $138.00
Service Call Fee - $100.00 $75.00 $100.00 $75.00 -
Term, Month - 12 12 12 12 12
Coverage$400.00 - $2,000.00

Although the cost of Home Warranty of America coverage plans is higher than the industry average, the limits are more than twice as high than those of Total Home Protection—$400 to $2000.

Air Conditioning and Heating Systems

HWA covers ducted electric central a/c, ducted electric wall a/c, geothermal/water source heat pumps, evaporative water coolers and all parts and components—except for those of geothermal/water source heat pumps and parts located within the foundation of the house or attached garage. As for the heating system, the HWA home warranty covers all components and parts necessary for the operation of the system, including duct from heating unit to point of attachment at registers or grills. Solar heating systems and their components, fireplaces, and key valves,  as well as outside or underground piping and components for geothermal/water source heat pumps, will not be under this coverage.

There is no coverage for the cost of crane rentals, electronic, computerized, and manual systems management and zone controllers, improper use of metering devices, humidifiers, commercial grade equipment for a/c, as well as heating system.

Electrical System

Home Warranty of America coverage is provided to all components and parts of the electrical system. The company does not service fixtures, carbon monoxide alarms, detectors or related systems, intercoms and doorbell systems associated with intercoms, inadequate wiring capacity, direct current wiring or components, attic fans, damages due to power failure or surge, or loads greater than the system’s design, circuit overload, or energy management systems.

Plumbing System

HWA covers leaks and breaks of water, grain, gas, waste, or vent lines, except if caused by freezing or roots; stoppages/clogs, including hydro jetting, in drain and sewer lines up to 125’ from access point. The limit for covering plumbing system or stoppages is $2,000. Items such as toilet tanks, bowls and mechanisms, toilet wax ring seals, instant hot water dispensers, valves for shower, tub, and diverter angle stops, rinses, gate valves, and permanently installed interior sump pumps are also covered under this warranty. Home Warranty of America provides the cost to locate, access, or install ground level cleanout, inadequate or excessive water pressure, flow restricted in fresh water lines caused by rust, corrosion, or chemical deposits, saunas or steam rooms.

Home Appliances

Home Warranty of America covers all components and parts of kitchen and laundry equipment, excluding belts, shutters, filters, lighting in fans; racks, baskets, rollers, door seals in washers, dishwashers, and dryers; and interior lining, glass, clocks, shelves, handles in microwaves and refrigerators.

Additional Items and Services

In addition to the items and systems listed above, Home Warranty of America plans can be appended with coverage for both pool and spa, well pump, or stand-alone freezer, with limits of $1,000 to $1,500. Septic and roof leaks are limited to $500 for both.

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The Fine Print

Comparison to Industry
Coverage effective after
Cancellation with refund within
Above industry average
Cancellation fee
Below industry average
Automatic policy renewal
As 94.6% of industry
Time to cancel automatic renewal
Above industry average
Fee for contract transfer
Max time to submit claim
At industry minimum
Repair timeframe
Repair timeframe (weekends and holidays)
Free second opinion
Emergency service available
As 86.8% of industry
Hours for service calls
As 85.2% of industry
Reservice if repairs fail
Standard for industry
Free reservice period (parts)
Above industry average
Free reservice period (labor)
At industry minimum

It is essential for any home warranty company to have clear terms and conditions. In this part of Home Warranty of America review, our team collected all the necessary information and compared it to the industry standards. While doing this analysis, we found that the HWA home warranty terms and conditions are reasonable and very user-friendly.

Customers can cancel the contract with a refund within 30 days, which is the maximum period in the industry. Like most companies in the market, Home Warranty of America suggests an automatic policy renewal. However, according to the company’s conditions, you can cancel the renewal by paying a $30 fee, which is below the industry average. Free reservice for parts is also higher than the industry average of 90 days, and the period for labor is 30 days, which is the industry minimum.

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Customer Reviews and Feedback

Quotes from actual customer reviews:

We purchased our home in July of 2017. The seller purchased the home warranty for us. We have had to use the warranty several times because of having older appliances. I've received nothing but professional service from HWA so far. They've replaced my gas stove and also my tankless water heater under my sink. I am currently waiting for service to one of my A/C units that is not working as I speak. I have no doubt that it will be handled quickly and professionally as in the past.

Yelp, Gonzales, Louisiana February 28, 2018

Overall I've been pleased. We moved in to a 19 year old house and asked for a home warranty from the previous owners. Our real estate agent suggested HWA. The small claims were handled quickly. When our A/C went out it took HWA 2 weeks to determine if they were going to repair or replace the unit. I'm thankful it got replaced, and with a more efficient unit. However, the company that they contracted through went out of business a couple months later so the money I paid directly to that company for an annual service contract was wasted. When our furnace went out the technician came out to diagnose the issue and HWA covered the new furnace. Our oven started having issues so I filed a claim. The company was finally able to come out 6 days after I filed the claim. They ordered a control board, came out 2 weeks later to install it and the oven still didn't work. Fast forward 6 weeks and multiple calls to HWA. Finally, after not having a working oven for 9.5 weeks, HWA decided they were going to replace the oven. Going without an oven that long is completely unacceptable.

Google Reviews, May 3, 2018

Summary of ratings from popular review sites:

Home Warranty of America Industry Average


Relative Score

Adjusted Score

Complaints Board
Ripoff Report
Pissed Consumer
Google Reviews
Active Rain

Summary Rating

Types of repairs performed according to customer feedback:

Oven Air conditioner Water heater Refrigerator Heating system Washer Sump pump Plumbing Disposal Dryer Garage door

Main takeaway points from customer feedback:

Home Warranty of America
Industry Average
Good work
Professional contractor
Good communication
Money offer
Fast work
Act of good faith
Communication problems
Repair delay
Claim denial
Unexpected costs
Tricky terms
Unprofessional contractor
Payment delay

Before making a decision on whether or not to sign a contract with Home Warranty of America, it is vital to learn about the experiences of the customers. ReviewHomeWarranties.com team did their best to provide you with this information.

For this Home Warranty of America review, we studied more than 2,000 HWA reviews on customer rating sites including Yelp, BBB, Google Reviews, and YSCAM. We found that the level of clients’ satisfaction with the company is at the same level as the industry average. That makes Home Warranty of America comparable with the best home warranty companies, and quite competitive in the market. However 18% of HWA’s clients had negative experiences with repair delays and claim denials, and 9% reported unexpected costs.

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The Final Words

Is Home Warranty of America good?

We hope that our Home Warranty of America review helped you answer this question and make the correct decision. HWA is an experienced home warranty company with a solid reputation, providing home warranties to customers all over the USA. The company has been around for more than twenty years, which is a decent amount of time.  

HWA home warranty coverage suggests reasonable premiums alongside with rather high limits, servicing all essential home appliances, systems, and even roof leaks. Add-ons are also attractive, but its list is rather limited.

Overall, we can assume that Home Warranty of America is a trustworthy business and a really good value for your money. If you agree with this, get a quote with HWA, if not, keep studying and comparing companies on ReviewHomeWarranties.com to find the one that works best.

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