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Home Warranty Insurance Awards 2020

ReviewHomeWarranties Home Warranty Insurance Awards celebrate those home warranty companies that go above and beyond in serving their clients! These awards are earned by companies that deliver exceptional quality of service to their customers, that take leadership in the industry, keep home warranty insurance cost reasonable, and maintain exceptionally high standards.

The main goal of the annual ReviewHomeWarranties Home Warranty Insurance Awards is to recognize top performing companies that demonstrate outstanding qualities and set an example to all the companies that provide home repair insurance on the market with their outstanding customer service.

Best Overall Home Warranty 2020

Among the 68+ companies that we’ve reviewed, we’re awarding Choice Home Warranty with the “Best Overall” home warranty award for 2020.

Out of all of the home warranty companies we’ve reviewed, Choice had the best balance of coverage (systems + appliances), number of exclusions, affordability, and customer service. No home warranty is perfect, but Choice comes close as a great provider. Congratulations to them for a great 2020!

Editor’s Choice Home Warranty 2020

American Home Shield wins the “Editor’s Choice” award for ReviewHomeWarranties.com out of all of the home warranties rated and reviewed. AHS is truly the gold-standard in the home warranty industry.They have the widest coverage, fewest number of exclusions, highest payout limits, and top notch customer service.

We did find that they were a bit more expensive some some of the value providers out there but you get what you pay for and in this case, you get a comprehensive home warranty plan.

We’re proud to recommend going with American Home Shield for your home warranty needs.

Best Value Home Warranty 2020

Select Home Warranty is awarded the “Best Value” award in 2020 because of their low cost yet robust and feature rich home warranty plan options. After reviewing 68+ home warranty companies, Select Home Warranty stands out as a leader providing the most value at an affordable price point.

For as low as ~$36 per month, you can purchase their Gold Care Plan that covers a number of systems. Select also offers multi-year deals whereby you can reduce your effective monthly premium even further.

Also, with any plan, two free months of coverage is included as well as free roof coverage, which is a $99 value. Select also has one of the lowest deductibles at a flat rate of $75 per claim.

Congrats to them for being an affordable, yet dependable home warranty provider!

Best Customer Service 2020

Out of all the Home Warranty companies on our list, our research found that First American had some of the best customer service policies ensuring homeowners have a good experience as a customer.

With that, we awarded First American Home Warranty with the “Best Customer Service” in 2020 based on praise for contractor professionalism, quality employees and clear communication with their customers. FAHW is available 24/7/365 for customer support, with a guaranteed response time within 24-48 for most appliance and system claims. Other competitors tend to have slower response times or lack a strong communication process.

It’s also worth calling out FAHW has been in business for 36 years, making it one of most well-established companies in the industry. Specifically, they’re accredited with the BBB and have earned an impressive B+ score and a 3 star rating, which is among the highest of all home warranty companies.

Easiest Claims Process 2020

In our reviews, we found the Cinch Home Warranty claims process to be the most simple and streamlined, which is why we awarded them with the “Easiest Claims Process” badge for 2020.

There’s a clear effort with Cinch to make the process of actually using your home warranty easy and it shows. It’s simple to contact Cinch online through their website’s chat, email and phone. They are also known for their responsive social media giving customers multiple channels to file a claim easily.

If there are changes to your claim appointment, it is affordable to make a cancellation with Cinch. While most companies charge a cancellation fee of $50-$75, Cinch only charges $25, which is one of the lowest out of the 68+ companies we reviewed.

If you’ve been burned by a long drawn out claims process before, consider Cinch.

If you’re looking for a trusted, industry-leading home warranty company, we recommend Choice Home Warranty. Choice Home Warranty is an industry leader in providing home warranties, and right now you can take advantage of their current promotions that get you $50 Off + 1 Free Month and Free 30-Day Cancellation. Get a free online quote or contact a specialist at 929-400-6169 before these deals end.

Your next best option is American Home Shield which offers $50 Off and The Service Fee of Your Choice. Get a free quote online or request more information directly at 866-464-7521.

The Final Words

If you have ever purchased a home warranty, or even if you just started googling ‘home warranty insurance near me’, you very well know that it is not an easy task to find a good company that meets your requirements for the coverage of home systems and appliances in your house. In almost every state, there is a good selection of companies that provide home repair insurance for home systems and appliances, but there is usually very limited information about each company and how it compares to its rivals in terms of home warranty insurance cost, coverage, and customer reviews.

To fill in this gap, and to make your search for a reliable home warranty insurance company more manageable, ReviewHomeWarranties not only assessed these companies but also compared them to one another and selected the best out of 55 companies in the database in several categories.

For each category, we have developed strict criteria and metrics. First, we distinguished home warranty vs. home insurance companies an selected the latter ones. We only considered those companies that have established a good reputation on the market and had valid information including home warranty insurance deductibles and premiums readily available to their customers.

Please contact us if you would like to nominate the best home warranty insurance company for next year’s awards. Tells us what you like most about it and why you would recommend it to other homeowners. Every review counts!

Respectfully, James Edwin Surrey, Editor

James Edwin Surrey