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Home Warranty Insurance Awards 2019

ReviewHomeWarranties Home Warranty Insurance Awards celebrate those home warranty companies that go above and beyond in serving their clients! These awards are earned by companies that deliver exceptional quality of service to their customers, that take leadership in the industry, keep home warranty insurance cost reasonable, and maintain exceptionally high standards.

The main goal of the annual ReviewHomeWarranties Home Warranty Insurance Awards is to recognize top performing companies that demonstrate outstanding qualities and set an example to all the companies that provide home repair insurance on the market with their outstanding customer service.

Explanation of Data and Methods

Best Overall Editorial Rating 2019
In 2019, we rated fifty-five home warranty insurance companies in several categories: Most Extensive Coverage, Most Diverse Plan, Exceptional Service, Best Value for the Money, Best Summary Rating, and Best Localized Operation. For each category, we nominated companies based on various criteria that included years of operation, selection of home warranty insurance plans, availability in a number of states, accessibility of valid information to their customers, and more.
Best Value for the Money 2019

Among 43 companies considered in this nomination, we selected those that had the highest rating on a five-star scale per every $100 spent on  home warranty insurance deductibles and premiums combined. The winner of this award is First American Home Warranty!

Metric: Rating stars per $100 spent monthly
Total companies considered: 43

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Most Extensive Coverage 2019

For this category, we considered 41 home warranty insurance companies that operated in more than one state, had valid information on covered items readily available and had the biggest number of covered systems and appliances. Old Republic Home Protection is the winner of this award!

Metric: Number of covered systems and appliances
Total companies considered: 41

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Most Diverse Plans 2019

All 45 companies that were considered for this nomination had to be on the market in more than one state and demonstrate flexibility in creating home warranty insurance plans. This award goes to Fidelity Home Warranty!

Metric: Number of available coverage plans
Total companies considered: 45

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Best Localized Operation 2019

In addition to the nominations for those big companies which operate in the majority of the states, we created a special nomination for 26 home warranty insurance companies that work in less than 10 states. Landmark Home Warranty is the winner in this nomination!

Metric: Summary RHW rating based on all information
Total companies considered: 26

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Exceptional Service 2019

For this award, we nominated 34 home repair insurance companies that operated in more than 1 state and had more than 10 reviews on reputable consumer reporting sites. We calculated the percent of positive reviews for their service that mentioned contractor professionalism, good and fast work, etc.  The winner in this nomination is American Residential Warranty!

Metric: Percent of good service tags of all tags
Total companies considered: 34

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Best Summary Rating 2019

To nominate for this award, we have compared summary ratings of all 55 home protect insurance companies considered for the awards in 2019. The summary rating was calculated based on all information available in the review. And the winner is Total Home Protection!

Metric: Summary RHW rating based on all information
Total companies considered: 55

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The Final Words

If you have ever purchased a home warranty, or even if you just started googling ‘home warranty insurance near me’, you very well know that it is not an easy task to find a good company that meets your requirements for the coverage of home systems and appliances in your house. In almost every state, there is a good selection of companies that provide home repair insurance for home systems and appliances, but there is usually very limited information about each company and how it compares to its rivals in terms of home warranty insurance cost, coverage, and customer reviews.

To fill in this gap, and to make your search for a reliable home warranty insurance company more manageable, ReviewHomeWarranties not only assessed these companies but also compared them to one another and selected the best out of 55 companies in the database in several categories.

For each category, we have developed strict criteria and metrics. First, we distinguished home warranty vs. home insurance companies an selected the latter ones. We only considered those companies that have established a good reputation on the market and had valid information including home warranty insurance deductibles and premiums readily available to their customers.

Please contact us if you would like to nominate the best home warranty insurance company for next year’s awards. Tells us what you like most about it and why you would recommend it to other homeowners. Every review counts!

Respectfully, James Edwin Surrey, Editor

James Edwin Surrey