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If you’re looking for home warranty reviews, you’re probably thinking about purchasing a home warranty in 2019, but are not sure which company to choose. We will help you solve this problem and make the right decision. Have you seen Home Warranty Inc., but still not sure if this is the right company for you? The best way to make a decision is to read the review at ReviewHomeWarranties.com and see what other customers have to say about it. This Home Warranty Inc. review describes the most up-to-date and detailed information about the company’s terms and conditions, coverage, trustworthiness, and summarized consumer reviews.  

In order to save you time and provide you with the most important and objective data, our team has collected information from multiple sources, including the company's official website homewarrantyinc and many consumer reporting sites.

We suggest reading this Home Warranty Inc. review carefully before making your final decision and signing a contract, as it can help you decide whether this company is trustworthy, and a good value for your money.

Updated for Apr 28, 2019

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Plans and Coverage:
The Fine Print:
Editor Rating:
Reader Rating:
Covered Appliances and Systems
Facts and Figures
1 day
Effective in
$0 - $1116
$0 - $75
$500 - $1000
Pros And Cons
Excellent BBB rating A+
Market veteran
Low optional coverage costs
Different plan types available

Tricky terms and conditions
Online chat not supported
Not available in all states
Low cap on item replacement
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Editorial Notes

Home Warranty Inc has been serving clients across the USA for about two decades, in spite of tough market conditions, which indicates its reputation and solid position on the market. The company covers 29 states in the USA, which is rare compared to its competitors.

Home Warranty Inc. has several good things going for it—its simple service contract, emergency service, and track record. It also boasts operating a 24/7 complaint center, similar to other companies in this sector. In making a comparison of Home Warranty Inc. with other companies, we can say that despite the high risk of repair delays and unexpected costs, the Home Warranty Inc BBB rating is A+, which speaks highly in its favor.

On the other hand, the company is limited in its coverage—covering only as little as about a half of the appliances and home systems its competitors are covering.

Premium cost level:
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Can Home Warranty Inc. be trusted? We understand how difficult it is to choose a home warranty company, so we analyzed the data on the company website along with customer comments on various consumer reporting sites such as the BBB and Google Reviews to provide you with the most objective review.

Home Warranty Inc. has been in operation since 1999, which is a significant period of time compared to such companies as American Home Guard, which was established in 2013. This is long enough to earn a good reputation among homeowners. The company was able to remain in the market for so long, despite the appearance of competitors, which indicates the quality of its services. The headquarters of Home Warranty Inc is located in Rock Rapids, IA.

Service provided by the company is available in 29 states, including Colorado, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Dakota, Tennessee, and Texas. In case you are not satisfied with the company’s service, your dispute shall be handled under the laws of the State of Iowa.



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A big reason for choosing a home warranty company is their availability to their customers. No matter the plan, you can contact the company through the contact form or phone number listed on their website. Note that Home Warranty Inc phone number may vary by state. The company does not have an online chat, but it is on Twitter.

Benchmarks Home Warranty Inc Other companies

Company size
No data
0 1,650
Annual revenue
No data
0 $1,276,000,000
Number of homeowners
No data
0 2,200,000
Number of BBB complaints closed within last 3 years
0 14,850
0 383,900
Number of independent contractors
No data
0 44,000


BBB accreditation
A+ (Accredited)

Home Warranty Inc. is accredited by the Better Business Bureau with an A rating, which is above the industry average and may indicate the company’s reliability.

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Here we will help you understand the details of various home warranty plans offered by Home Warranty Inc. Home warranties can cover a whole range of products and systems within your home. However, if you want to choose the plan you need and do not overpay for repair and replacements, you should look around your house and think whether you need to cover your home systems only, appliances, or both.

Similar to other companies, Home Warranty Inc. offers a range of plan options for homeowners, home buyers, and sellers, including The Appliance Plan and the Supplemental Home Protection Plan. For home sellers, free listing coverage is included for 6 months.The cost of these plans is between $300 and $1116. This price range is comparable to TotalProtect Home Warranty, whose plans are between $275 and $791.

Be aware that home warranty coverage will not repair everything that can break in your home. The limits are $200 to $1,000 which is low, and can be compared to 365 Home Warranty.  For instance, the limit for the water heater is $500, which may not be enough to cover the repair or replacement costs. For example, the first company in our ranking, Select Home Warranty has limits of $500 to $2,000, or First American Home Buyers Protection’ s limits that are up to $2,500.

The Supplemental Home Protection Plan costs $25 per month and covers heating system, water heater, washer and dryer, air conditioner, dishwasher, microwave, oven, refrigerator, and trash compactor. This plan is suitable for homeowners who don’t have a stand-alone freezer or water softener and prefer to pay deductibles rather than have it prepaid. The service fee per incident is $75 for this plan. 

On the other hand, choosing the Appliance Plan, you won’t have to pay any deductibles. This plan covers the same items as the Supplemental Home Protection Plan plus stand-alone freezer and water softener. All items in this plan are optional, and the cost varies from $5 to $93 per month. For example, a home warranty for your refrigerator will cost $5 a month, and furnace $7 a month.

The minimum Home Warranty Inc coverage term is one month for both plans.

For home buyers, Home Warranty Inc covers all major home systems and appliances with unknown pre-existing conditions with no charge for up to 6  months. Coverage for optional items, like a swimming pool and spa, ice maker, well pump, and water softener is available for a fee. For home sellers, the list of covered items is shorter and does not include items from the buyer's optional coverage list. Coverage for heating and air conditioning systems is not included in the Seller's plan, and is available for an additional charge.

Adding things not covered by a typical plan can also increase your monthly bill. If you have an appliance or system that is atypical, it’s possible that it’s not covered by standard plans. If you have a swimming pool or spa, well pump, or refrigerator ice maker, you can purchase optional coverage for that. The prices are between $30 to $200, while the limits are $200 to $500. Thus, you should do the math to see if the extra cost for expanded Home Warranty Inc coverage will be worth it over a year.

Summary of plans and coverage:

Coverage Term
Service Call Fee
ItemsLimit Silver Combo Plan Platinum Combo Plan Platinum Combo Plan Platinum Appliance Plan Optional Coverage
Premium Amount - $25.00 $300.00 $0.00 $525.00 $93.00 $30.00 - $200.00
Service Call Fee - $75.00 $75.00 $75.00 $75.00 $0.00 -
Term, Month - 1 12 6 14 1 12
Coverage$200.00 - $1,000.00

Once you have decided which home systems and appliances you want to be covered, it is time to consider these plans in detail and then select one that will satisfy all of your needs for a home warranty.

Air Conditioning and Heating System

As for the A/C system, the limit provided by Home Warranty Inc. is up to $1,000, which includes coverage of cooling systems, blower fan motors, controls, thermostats, internal system controls, wiring, and compressors. However, portable or window units, outside or underground piping, electronic air cleaners, filters, timers, humidifiers, as well as cleaning and maintenance, or improperly sized systems will not be covered. The same applies to the heating system.


The main unit of a water heater including a tank, tankless, or power vent unit is covered. Exhaust blower assemblies, water heater elements, gas control valves, and thermostats are covered as well. Pay attention that combination water heaters or boilers and components, unless purchased as a secondary heating unit will not be covered. Hot water dispensers are considered secondary water heaters and are not covered unless you buy optional coverage. The limit for repairing or replacement of a water heater is up to $500.

Home Appliances

Home Warranty Inc. includes coverage on common, everyday household appliances, such as dishwasher, microwave, oven, refrigerator, stand-alone freezer, trash compactor, water softener, and washer and dryer. Things like knobs and dials, interior linings, glass, locks are not included. However, the warranty plans provide coverage for the more expensive parts of your appliances, such as motors, heaters, or fans.

Cleaning or repair due to failure caused by foreign objects, scale, rust, minerals, and other deposits is not provided by the warranty plans.

Home Warranty Inc. also has the option to purchase additional coverage. So, if your home has a pool or spa, there are coverage options for that. Moreover, if you live in a rural area and have a well pump, you can get coverage for that as well. If you don’t want to think about what to do if you have a breakdown with your pool, it’s better to pay the additional $200.

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The Fine Print

Comparison to Industry
Coverage effective after
At industry minimum
Cancellation with refund within
Cancellation fee
Automatic policy renewal
As 94.6% of industry
Time to cancel automatic renewal
Above industry average
Fee for contract transfer
Max time to submit claim
Repair timeframe
Repair timeframe (weekends and holidays)
Free second opinion
Emergency service available
Hours for service calls
As 85.2% of industry
Reservice if repairs fail
Standard for industry
Free reservice period (parts)
At industry minimum
Free reservice period (labor)
At industry minimum

The best advice to follow is to read the fine print of the warranty company. Every company that you investigate will have a contract. A well-written contract will clearly spell out the covered items and exclusions for your warranty. So, we dug into company’s terms and conditions to provide you with all of the necessary information.

Home Warranty Inc. has a Home Protection Plan Agreement on their site, which explains the coverage requirements, limits of liability, transfer, cancellation and renewals, and other information.

Home Warranty Inc coverage is effective after one day, which means that you’ll have your house covered the day you sign the contract. This is the minimum term compared to competitors.

Once you’ve had an appliance or system repaired, that item is covered under a workmanship guarantee. The company guarantees the parts and labor of that particular repair for a period of 30 days. So, you won’t have to pay two times for the same breakdown.

Note that your contract will be automatically renewed if not canceled. However, time to cancel the automatic renewal is 30 days, which is the industry minimum.

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Customer Reviews and Feedback

Quotes from actual customer reviews:

Very happy; glad our realtor recommended them! We bought our home at the end of June, and in August noticed that our fridge was not cooling. I called them and got the name of a repair technician. When he called me back, he walked me through some basic diagnosis so that he could do the repair in one trip. Then, in November, we had problems with a worn-out breaker in our laundry room. I called on a Thursday and it was fixed the next day.

Google Reviews, January 4, 2019

So, today I find out that just like the dryer Home Warranty Inc will not cover the fan and that repair and now I'm out almost $400 in food, over 2 weeks of time, and am looking to just buy a new refrigerator because Home Warranty Inc does not have a warranty at all... Just smoke and mirrors!

Google Reviews, April 7, 2018

Summary of ratings from popular review sites:

Home Warranty Inc Industry Average


Relative Score

Adjusted Score

Google Reviews

Summary Rating

Types of repairs performed according to customer feedback:

Heating system Refrigerator Dryer Microwave Electrical

Main takeaway points from customer feedback:

Home Warranty Inc
Industry Average
Good work
Professional contractor
Good communication
Money offer
Fast work
Act of good faith
Communication problems
Repair delay
Claim denial
Tricky terms
Unexpected costs
Unprofessional contractor
Payment delay

Your first task before researching home warranty companies is to read the company’s reviews available on the internet. To help you with this, we have gathered Home Warranty Inc reviews from Google Reviews and the BBB, as well as compared the company’s ratings and complaints to the average on the market.

In total, we’ve found approximately 80 Home Warranty Inc reviews and Google Reviews. Overall, the level of client satisfaction is almost the same as the industry average. However, Home Warrantu Inc BBB is high—4.5 compared to 3.5 of the industry average. Moreover, the company is accredited by the Better Business Bureau with an A+ rating. Home Warranty Inc. is given a rating of 2.4 against the industry average of 2.9 on Google Reviews.

The most common home repairs mentioned in the Home Warranty Inc reviews are related to the heating system, refrigerator, dryer, and microwave. A total of 20% of Home Warranty Inc. customers were satisfied with the work of the company, which is 7% more than the industry average. Twice as many clients also stated easy communication.

However, 13% of customers complained about problems such as repair delays, which is less than the average by 3%; unprofessionalism of contractors, which is more than 6%; and unexpected costs, which is twice the average in the industry.

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The Final Words

Is Home Warranty Inc. good?

We hope that this Home Warranty Inc review helped you to decide for yourself, whether this company is good for you or not. Home Warranty Inc. has been serving its clients across 23 states for two decades. Its longevity and solid reputation show that this company can be relied upon. 

Unfortunately, there are only two coverage plans available, as well as a limited selection of optional coverage items. On the other hand, the company provides an option with zero deductibles.  

Home Warranty Inc BBB rating, which is based solely on consumer reports, is A, which also indicates the high quality of the services provided. Satisfied customers stated good and fast service from the company.  

Overall, considering the quality, company’s rating, and emergency service, Home Warranty Inc. is a nice choice for a home service agreement. It has a solid reputation among clients, buyers, and sellers, as well as clear and precise terms and conditions. 

You can get a free quote by visiting the company’s website homewarrantyinc.com and filling in the contact form, as well as by phone. The phone number is available on the site and may vary by state. Alternatively, you may check the reviews of our top companies below.

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