What Could Be Causing the Pulsating Noise in my Air Conditioner?

Why Is My Air Conditioner Making a Pulsating Noise Review

Written By: Alexis Bennett

Edited by: Andrew Dunn

Looking to find out why your AC is making a funny noise?

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In this guide, you will learn:

  • Is a pulsating noise on your air conditioner normal?
  • What is causing that noise on my AC?
  • Should I fix that pulsating noise on my AC myself?
  • …and answers to all your questions about that pulsating noise coming from your air conditioner

Air conditioning is a must-have, so when your central air conditioner is making an odd pulsating noise, you want to know what the heck is going on. Is it coming from the fan, blower, condenser, or ductwork? Does that make a difference in how you handle it?

A pulsating noise could be something small, or it could indicate a serious malfunctioning HVAC system. How do you know, and what can you do about it? Let’s get into the full details of the problem and potential solutions.

Is a Pulsating Noise in My Air Conditioner Normal? 

Any loud noise coming from your air conditioner at startup and when it is running — whether it’s pulsating, squealing, clanking, a humming noise, a buzzing noise — can be a cause for alarm. 

So when it comes to a pulsating noise specifically, how worried should you be? The answer won’t surprise you. It could be no big deal and a quick fix, or it could be a very big deal. 

But is that sound normal? Nope. A pulsating noise is not normal for an air conditioner and should be looked at and fixed sooner rather than later. 

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HVAC Tech Checking Condenser Due To Pulsating Noise of Air Conditioner

What Could Be Causing the Pulsating Noise in my Air Conditioner?

There are many causes that could explain a pulsating noise in your AC or heat pump – some less serious than others. A loose coil fan or fan blade could need tightening or replacing. A tune-up of these items might fix the problem right away.

Pulsating is often about sound waves coming out of the compressor. If the AC unit is on a plastic pad, this could be the issue. The compressor moves and causes the plastic pad to give off a humming or pulsating sound.

You can rule out the capacitor since that just regulates the flow of electricity to the unit. It’s not likely that an air filter will cause a pulsating noise. 

It could be a problem with the installation of the refrigerant line. If the installer did not use sound-dampening insulation, the line could be rubbing against a wall and causing the pulsating sound. 

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