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Are you looking for BFS Home Warranty reviews for 2019? Then you’ve found what you were looking for. has collected information about Broward Factory Service Home Warranty to clear up your doubts, questions, or concerns. We based our opinion on a thorough study of the company as well as the customers’ feedback. This review describes the key facts of this home warranty company, outlines the company’s home warranty plans, policy, and coverage. All parameters in this review are compared to the industry average to give you an idea of where this company stands in the market.

Updated for Nov 19, 2018

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Plans and Coverage:
The Fine Print:
Editor Rating:
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Covered Appliances and Systems
Facts and Figures
30 days
Effective in
M-F, 9-6
$375 - $700
$0 - $55
Pros And Cons
Great promotions available
Excellent BBB rating A-
Market veteran
Low optional coverage costs

Online chat not supported
Not available in all states
Limited optional coverage items
Delays in repairs reported
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Editorial Notes

BFS home warranty has been in operation for 35 years and is an industry pioneer. The company has 18 outlets across four states and serves approximately 35,000 customers from Arizona, Florida, Nevada, and Texas, making it a sizeable a company for the industry operating in. The company has several good things going for it - its simple service contract, its relatively high replacement limits up to $1,500 and its sheer size and track record. It also boast operating a 24/7 complaint center, similarly to other companies in this sector. Additionally, the company also offers emergency services for clients who require that.

BFS Home Warranty coverage isn’t among the most extensive in the industry, but there are three different plans to choose from. It provides coverage for home appliances as well as heating, plumbing, air conditioning, and electrical systems. While comparing BFS Home Warranty reviews to reviews of other companies, we found that BFS Home Warranty coverage limits are at the average in the industry. The BFS Home Warranty claim policy is simple, and there are no fees for contract transfer to a new home, and no cancellation fee.  

On the flip-side, BFS home warranty is very limited in its availibity, accepting clients from only 4 states, as well as very limited in its coverage - covering only as little as 50% of the appliances and home systems its competitors are covering.


Premium cost level:
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Is BFS Home Warranty a trustworthy company? In order to evaluate it, has collected and analyzed the data available on the company’s website, as well as the Broward Factory Service reviews on consumer reporting sites such as BBB, Google, and Yelp.

One of the oldest home warranty companies on the market, BFS Home Warranty has been established in 1973 as Broward Factory Service. Comparable to industry leaders such as Choice Home Warranty, which was established in 2005, this is a significant amount of time.

BFS Home Warranty conducts business in four states, including Arizona, Florida, Nevada, and Texas.

If the customer is not satisfied with the company services, they may initiate a dispute. All disputes will be resolved with the Arizona Department of Insurance. The company has 18 offices in four states, with some offices emphasizing one service area over another.


How to contact
Main page >> contact-us
Online chat
Social media

There are multiple ways to contact BFS Home Warranty. The company's phone number is available on the website and may vary by state. There is also an online contact form on their website. Unfortunately, online chat is not available, but the company has its own blog and is on Facebook and Instagram, so the company representatives may be contacted by Messenger and Direct.

Benchmarks BFS Home Warranty Other companies

Company size
0 1,650
Annual revenue
0 $1,276,000,000
Number of homeowners
0 2,200,000
Number of BBB complaints closed within last 3 years
0 14,850
0 383,900
Number of independent contractors
No data
0 44,000


BBB accreditation
A- (Not BBB Accredited)

BFS Home Warranty is not accredited by BBB. However, it has a rating of A, which is above the industry average.

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Once you have decided which home systems and appliances you want to be covered, it is time to select a plan that will satisfy all of your needs for a home warranty. BFS warranty offers three types of warranty plans options: Platinum Plan, Gold Plan, and Silver Plan, which will cost you between $350 to $700.

The Silver Combo Plan covers all major home systems: plumbing, heating system, water heater, electrical system, disposal, dishwasher, and air conditioner. This is the cheapest plan which is good for homeowners who don’t have laundry at home. The service call fee is $55 for the Basic Plan which is a fairly low commission, while the most common is $75.

The Gold Combo Plan is an upgrade of the Silver Plan and can be purchased only if a Silver Plan is already in force. It covers the same items as the Silver Combo Plan, but it doesn’t have the deductibles, and costs $500 compared to $350 for the Silver Combo Plan. So, if you’re trying to decide between these two plans and you don’t want to pay a service call fee—it’s better to go with the Gold Combo Plan. Customers who require additional coverage can choose items such as garage door and refrigerator and ice maker from a list of add-ons.

For those homeowners who like to have everything in their house covered under a home warranty, the Platinum Plan will be the best option, which offers more comprehensive home warranty coverage. The deductibles are also zero. It is best suited for those homeowners who want to save their wallets from unexpected repairs or replacements of the most important home systems and household appliances. In addition to the Gold Plan’s coverage, the Platinum Plan includes laundry, garage door, and refrigerator and ice maker. Thus, if the manufacturer's warranty has not already covered these appliances, it would be better to choose the Premium Plan.

Additionally, BFS Home Warranty offers optional coverage for inground pool or spa, water softener, and stand-alone freezer. Overall, BFS only covers 82 items in total, but Total Home Protection has more items than that in their basic "Bronze" package! With THP, a direct competitor of BFS warranty in Texas and Florida, you can purchase a warranty for more than 200 items.

The coverage term is 12 months. The premiums are around the industry average, but the deductibles are free for the Gold and Platinum Combo Plan, which is an advantage of this warranty company. BFS says that if an item is irreparable, they will replace it with a new one.

Summary of plans and coverage:

Coverage Term
Service Call Fee
ItemsLimit Platinum Combo Plan Gold Combo Plan Silver Combo Plan Optional Coverage
Premium Amount - $700.00 $550.00 $375.00 $25.00 - $160.00
Service Call Fee - $0.00 $55.00 $55.00 -
Term, Month - 12 12 12 12
Coverage$250.00 - $1,500.00

Before signing a contract with any home warranty company, it is wise to find out what home systems and appliances it covers and how it fits your needs. So, before you start reading this part of the BFS Home Warranty review, take a look around your house and choose what parts you would like to be covered. We collected detailed information on BFS Home Warranty coverage of different home systems and appliances, and provide it here.

Air Conditioning

For air conditioning systems, BFS Warranty covers all functional parts and components. The plan provides coverage of air conditioners, built-in wall units, and heat pumps, but not ductwork, grills, electronic air cleaners, and some other systems.

Heating System

For the heating system in your house, Broward Home Warranty will cover all functional parts and components of forced air, oil, gas, or electric heating units.

Please note that filters and filter dryers are not included in the coverage plan. Grills, ductwork, electronic air cleaners, humidifiers, fireplaces, and other heat sources are not covered under the BFS Warranty plans as well.

The warranty company also covers all functional components and parts of the water heater. Tankless water heaters are covered up to $500.

Electrical System

BFS Home Warranty’s coverage of the electrical system is limited to the interior residence only. Thus, Broward Factory Service covers standard switches, outlets, circuit breakers, and receptacles. Doorbells, alarms, power failures, or inadequate wiring will not be covered.

Plumbing System

As to coverage of plumbing systems by the BFS Home Warranty, it’s coverage is limited to the interior residence only. It provides coverage for washers and seals in faucets, floats, toilet tanks, and leaks in water or drain pipes if the pipes are exposed and can be welded.

Note, that inadequate, polluted, abnormal water supply, drainage or sewer system, as well as septic tanks and pumps, will not be covered by the warranty company.

Home Appliances

BFS home service warranty offers coverage for the following appliances: dishwasher, microwave, oven, кefrigerator and ice maker, trash compactor, washer and dryer. All functional components and parts are covered but none of the doors, racks, knobs, trays, handles, and such.

There are optional items that can be added to any BFS Home Warranty plan. These include pool and spa equipment, water softener, and stand-alone freezer. For the complete list, please refer to the drop-down menu below.

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The Fine Print

Comparison to Industry
Coverage effective after
Above industry average
Cancellation with refund within
Below industry average
Cancellation fee
At industry minimum
Automatic policy renewal
As 94.6% of industry
Time to cancel automatic renewal
Fee for contract transfer
At industry minimum
Max time to submit claim
Repair timeframe
At industry maximum
Repair timeframe (weekends and holidays)
Free second opinion
Emergency service available
As 86.8% of industry
Hours for service calls
As 14.8% of industry
Reservice if repairs fail
Standard for industry
Free reservice period (parts)
Above industry average
Free reservice period (labor)
At industry minimum

For this BFS Home Warranty review, we have studied the fine print in the company’s terms and conditions and compared them to the industry standards. Repair work is performed by fully licensed technicians who are able to be dispatched the same day a service call is requested for repair of home appliances. Broward Factory Service also provides 24/7/365 emergency service for HVAC systems.

There is no cancellation fee or fee for contract transfer in Broward Home Warranty. New customers should keep in mind that the contract will be renewed automatically unless canceled, which is a standard procedure for most home warranty companies.

The parts are covered for a period of 90 days, and labor is 30 days. There is also a reservice if repairs fail. Overall, the company’s terms and conditions are clear and well-defined.

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Customer Reviews and Feedback

Quotes from actual customer reviews:

My AC had been taken care of after replacing the fan's motor. Thanks Tom, and also thanks Sarah from corporate office. My AC would not been fixed without both of your help and support!

BBB, September 7, 2018

However, scheduling even an annual ac tuneup (covered under my contract) seems to be a complicated procedure. It's been a month and a half (almost 2 months), 2 emails, 4 phone calls and my appointments keep disappearing. 1st time I scheduled it, they were prompt in returning my calls, set the schedule, and then the day before cancel the appointment due to their reasoning that they received an unusually high volume of 'critical' water heater service calls.

Google Reviews, June 29, 2018

Summary of ratings from popular review sites:

BFS Home Warranty Industry Average


Relative Score

Adjusted Score

Google Reviews
My 3 Cents
Facebook Reviews

Summary Rating

Types of repairs performed according to customer feedback:

Air conditioner Plumbing Washer Dishwasher Pool Pump Oven Spa Disposal Water heater Garage door Plumbing stoppages Refrigerator

Main takeaway points from customer feedback:

BFS Home Warranty
Industry Average
Good work
Professional contractor
Good communication
Money offer
Fast work
Act of good faith
Communication problems
Repair delay
Claim denial
Unexpected costs
Tricky terms
Unprofessional contractor
Payment delay

Before you make a commitment to BFS Home Warranty, it makes sense to read what the customers have to say about it. For this purpose, we have collected the most current BFS Home Warranty reviews about this warranty company on BBB, Yelp, Google, and other websites.

In comparing the BFS Home Warranty complaints and ratings, we can say that the customer satisfaction scores are comparable to the industry average. For example, BFS Home Warranty reviews on BBB give this company a rating of 3.9 versus the industry average of 3.5. The BFS Home Warranty BBB rating is A.

Among BFS Home Warranty complaints, about a quarter of customers complain about the repair delays which is 8% more than the industry average. On the positive side, 8% of Broward Factory Service customers were satisfied with the contractor's professionalism and good communication which is higher than the industry average.

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The Final Words

Is BFS Home Warranty good?

BFS Home Warranty has been serving homeowners for 35 years in Arizona, Florida, Nevada, and Texas.

The company offers a comprehensive selection of home warranty service plans to fulfill your needs. In case the plan’s coverage is not enough, you can add more items from the optional coverage list. However, BFS Home Warranty coverage is limited when compared to similar marketplace competitors. 

While analyzing BFS Home Warranty reviews, we found that the company's rating was A, which is very good. Consumer reporting sites, such as Google and Yelp showed average ratings in the industry.

To get a free quote, you can either visit the company's website and fill in the contact form or give them a call. The official website of the company has all of the significant information about their products. You can purchase home warranty plans and place service requests there as well.

Overall, the no-deductible option, same-day service, free reservice, and emergency service are among the company’s strong points.

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