Home warranty companies in Arizona have been providing their services to Arizona residents since the 1970s. There are dozens of companies who are actively advertising in AZ in the search for fresh clientele, all of which are self-proclaimed “great”. Understanding which are the best home warranties in Arizona and what’s the subtle differences between providers is difficult to do for non-professionals. This is precisely why we have created this Arizona-focused home warranty guide which will hopefully elaborate this convoluted topic.

Best Home Warranty Companies in Arizona

  # 1 First American Home Warranty
Editorial Rating 95.1
  • 24/7 service calls
  • Accredited by BBB
  • Excellent BBB rating B+
  • Large and established firm
  • Market veteran
  • Low optional coverage costs
  # 2 Pride Home Warranty
Editorial Rating 87.9
  • Great coverage plans
  • Lower chance of claim denial
  • 24/7 service calls
  • Great promotions available
  • Market veteran
  • Clear terms and conditions
  # 3 Choice Home Warranty
Editorial Rating 93.8
  • 24/7 service calls
  • Large and established firm
  • Market veteran
  • Free cancellation within 30 days
  • Emergency service available
  • Reservice for failed repairs
  # 4 Total Home Protection
Editorial Rating 91.2
  • Multiple optional coverage items
  • 24/7 service calls
  • Clear terms and conditions
  • Higher chance of payment delays
  • Limited coverage
  # 5 Select Home Warranty
Editorial Rating 98.5
  • 24/7 service calls
  • Great annual promotions
  • Good selection of plans
  • Must file claims within 3 days
  • $75 cancellation fee
  # 6 HomeServe USA
Editorial Rating 86.5
  • Lower chance of claim denial
  • Choose your own service fee!
  • 24/7 service calls
  • Delays in repairs reported
  • Unexpected fees reported
  # 7 Landmark Home Warranty
Editorial Rating 86.4
  • Multiple optional coverage items
  • Choose your own service fee!
  • 24/7 service calls
  • Delays in repairs reported
  • Unexpected fees reported
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Home Warranty for Arizona Home Buyers

More than 64% of the population in Arizona own their housing units, and this number is growing. Are you one of those lucky residents who are about to buy a new house or an apartment in the Copper State? As the AZ real estate market is still slowly recovering from 2008's sub-prime crisis, the median sales price is creeping up slowly and has risen by more than $100,000 over the past 5 years. The once stale market is now strong and dynamic and Tuscon was even selected as one of the highest rental yield cities in the country.

Every homeowner needs to think about coverage and protection for their homes which is available as home insurance and a home warranty. While home insurance is mandatory in many cases, a home warranty is not. However, it can come very handy especially if the house was built more than 10 years ago. A home warranty is often available as an incentive for buyers from real estate agents. It is a free perk which provides strong coverage at reasonable costs, and there are always home warranty plans tailored for your individual needs (covering the items you actually want to insure). So, if you do think about buying a house, ask your agent if a home warranty comes with it. Since many homeowners prefer to insure their home systems and appliances, the previous owner may have already had an Arizona home warranty company coverage in place. Alternatively, your real estate agent may offer you a home warranty plan as a housewarming present.

In either case, using a top 10 Arizona home warranty upon entering a new home can be a great solution to minimize the overheads involved with home maintenance and save money in the long run. These annually renewable plans will make sure that if one of your expensive house systems or appliances break, it would be repaired or replaced. The cost of just repairing an A/C unit would be $600 at a minimum, so you only need your air conditioning to break once throughout the year to return the cost of your home warranty's annual premium. 



Home Warranty for Arizona Home Sellers

In case you are a home seller, a home warranty is a good way for you to increase the value of your property in the eyes of a buyer or make it appear more attractive. In a fairly competitive environment like the Arizona housing market (as portrayed on reality show Property Wars in Discovery), every little thing that can influence the potential buyer's decision is worth applying, and particularly when the costs are negligible in comparison to the cost of a house. 

Other than that, it is always good to have additional coverage while your property is on the market. On average, it takes 3-4 months to close the deal, and anything can happen during this time, especially if your house is more than 10 years old. You're likely not to have any large additional expenses when something unexpectedly breaks or malfunctions if it is covered by one of the reliable and trustworthy Arizona home warranty companies.

How to Select the Best Home Warranty in Arizona

How would one select the best home warranty company in Arizona? First of all, before you jump to read Arizona home warranty reviews, you need to choose which home systems or appliances have the highest priority for you. In southern Arizona, for example, where such cities as Tucson, Sierra Vista, Yuma, Ajo, Casa Grande, and Gila Bend are located, the climate is very hot. The average temperature in all of Arizona year-round is a whooping 75.05F, and hence what's on everyone's mind is air conditioning. 

Air conditioning systems are one of the most commonly covered items by home warranties available in the AZ area. It is very important to keep the A/C working properly and have an opportunity to fix it quickly without spending a lot of money on unexpected repairs. A replacement of an air-conditioning unit would cost, on average, $3,700 to $7,000! Hence, it is good to cover against this overwhelming potential expense. 

Tips from Our Blog - Air Conditioner Care

There are many ways to prolong the life of electrical appliances. It all starts with a bit of care which can translate to hundreds or thousands of dollars in savings over the years. Air conditioners, in particular, are prone to misuse and lack of care and can break down relatively shortly after buying them. Use our blog to find out more!

How to maintain an A/C unit - On our Blog


Which is the best company to cover your air conditioning at your Arizona home? Among the many companies that offer A/C coverage, Choice Home Warranty and Select Home Warranty are rated the highest on ReviewHomeWarranties.com. These two companies have a major disadvantage for an expensive item like Air Conditioning which is that neither of them will offer a repair limit suitable for replacement. While covered by either of these companies, if your A/C fails, you will only be reimbursed with $1,000-$1,500 depending on company and coverage plan. On the other hand, these companies, we believe, will provide you the best bang for your buck as a whole. For the A/C coverage, in particular, Pride Home Warranty provides coverage for up to $3,000, while Total Home Protection covers up to two electrical air conditioning units per contract.

You can read more about the limitations and cap on this page dealing with appliance insurance.

If you are one of the 4% lucky Americans who own a swimming pool or a spa in your Arizona home, it is a good idea to protect them under home warranty plans. As you probably know, an unexpected repair of such expensive items may cost thousands of dollars out-of-pocket. Pool heaters cost $1,000 to replace, and smaller components cost no less than $200 to replace. That is a hefty price to pay, and being a luxury item - pools that have broken down are often left attended and unrepaired. Don't let that happen to you too!

Pool Warranties: A Comprehensive Research

Did you know that 62% of all homeowners in Scottsdale, Arizona, own a pool? Did you know the cost of pool installation can go past the $10,000 mark? How much can it cost when something goes wrong in your pool? Discover our comprehensive Pool Ownership & Warranties research!

Our Pool Warranties Analysis

Which is a good company to handle your home warranty including an inground pool in Arizona? Total Home Protection offers optional coverage that can be added to any plan for all above-the-ground components and parts of the pumping and filtration system including the pool sweep motor and pump.

Important Home Warranty Tips Based on Location in Arizona

A home warranty is not a homeowners insurance! The southwestern part of the state closest to California is prone to earthquakes. What you should keep in mind is that not even the best home warranty plans in Arizona will cover any damage caused by natural disasters. However, regular wear and tear is always covered, and all of the parts and components listed in the home warranty contract will be repaired or replaced by the contractors.

In case you live in one of the cities in northern Arizona, such as Flagstaff, Page, Prescott, Sedona, or Williams, the best home warranty companies for you would be America’s 1st Choice Home Club or Total Home Protection. They offer excellent coverage of not only traditional home systems and appliances but also for well pumps and septic systems. This coverage may come in handy in a region that features mountains and forests. Home warranty companies in Arizona are happy to offer coverage in the Hopi and Navajo reservations as well.

If you live in the heart of Arizona, in the cities or towns like Tempe, Mesa, Chandler, Scottsdale or Gilbert, near the capital, Phoenix - just use the list of the best of home warranties in Arizona above. You can compare and choose the right company that suits you and your home needs. If you are having a hard time choosing between the different companies, you can read the relevant reviews for home warranty in Arizona.

Home Warranty Regulations in Arizona

All home warranty companies in Arizona are regulated by the Arizona Department of Insurance, which protects Arizona citizens and businesses from fraud by promoting a safe, strong, and competitive insurance marketplace. All home warranty companies in Arizona must renew the annual permit from the Arizona Department of Insurance if they want to continue operating in this state. You can always file a complaint with them if you suspect a fraud or malpractice with your home warranty company.

Summarizing the Topic

To summarize, we can say that it is always helpful to have your home systems and appliances covered by a warranty, regardless of whether you are a homeowner, home buyer, or home seller, as they tend to break at the most inopportune times. However, before you make a commitment to the company of your choice, you should first consider which part of Arizona you live in, whether you have any specific needs and the costs in comparison to the coverage limits you are getting. The best home warranty company in Phoenix isn't necessarily the best one in Mesa, and the best home warranty plan for someone who has 4 commercial refrigerators in his 200 acre home isn't necessarily the best home warranty for someone who lives in a condominium downtown.  

Finding the best home warranty companies in Arizona is made easier with our AZ Home Warranty Guide! ReviewHomeWarranties is proud to be the world's largest home warranty database. We have aggregated information from across the internet: client experiences, media, registrars and databases, and the company's themselves and have managed to create a comprehensive experience which provides guidance for any prospective customer. While this guide focuses on home warranties in Arizona state, we have covered additional states and made reviews of dozens of companies (and counting!). 

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