Choice Home Warranty vs American Home Shield

Are you considering whether to use American Home Shield home warranty or Choice Home Warranty? Not sure which of the companies will give you better coverage and better value for your money? Let us help you compare the facts and figure out which is best: Choice Home Warranty vs American Home Shield. You can use the short and simple comparison component below or continue reading to reach our exclusive and detailed company reviews.

American Home Shield (AHS)Choice Home Warranty
BBB Complaints (Last 36 Months)10,587 4,713 
Premiums$35-60 $40-45 
Optional Coverage$30-160 $30-160 
Service Call Fee$75-125 $75 
Free second opinionIf different Yes 
Free reservice period (parts)60 days 90 days 
Company size1,500 320 

CoversAmerican Home Shield (AHS)Choice Home Warranty
Air conditioner
Ceiling fan
Cooktop exhaust fan
Garage door
Heating system
Plumbing stoppages
Water heater
Food center
Free-standing ice maker
Water dispenser
PoolOptional CoverageOptional Coverage
SpaOptional CoverageOptional Coverage
SepticOptional CoverageOptional Coverage
Well pumpOptional CoverageOptional Coverage
Septic tank pumpingOptional Coverage
Roof leaksOptional Coverage
Stand-alone freezerOptional Coverage
Sump pumpOptional Coverage
VacuumOptional Coverage
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Looking for additional information for the AHS Vs. Choice comparison?

The above comparison chart of American Home Shield vs Choice Home Warranty is just a very small subset of the data we have gathered on both companies. We have deliberately decided not to present an A to Z side by side comparison of the two leading home warranty companies, but rather allow people to make a quick choice. There are readers who like to delve deeper than that though, and we are happy to boast the world’s most comprehensive details of American Home Shield and Choice Home Warranty. This enables you to compare AHS and Choice HW in every aspect possible: covered states, covered appliances and systems, costs, current discounts and promotions, the fine print of the T&Cs, limits, service fee costs (deductibles) and different home warranty plans offered by each company.

We boast 45+ home warranty provider reviews to date and we are currently writing several comparative Company vs Company type of articles: First American Home Warranty vs American Home Shield, American Home Shield Vs. Old Republic Home Protection, Choice Home Warranty vs Select Home Warranty, and American Home Shield vs 2-10 Home Buyers Warranty.

For each company, we compare coverage, pricing, terms, conditions, and company characteristics, so that you could make an educated choice. We highly encourage you to read the advertiser’s disclosure in order to avoid any mishaps in the future.

Choice Home Warranty is our Second Best Rated Service

You can refer to this page to get a conclusive idea on Choice Home Warranty vs American Home Shield, but we cannot simply provide you with a catch-all answer that will be applicable in each situation. The truth is that both companies are very well recognized in the industry. The differences between American Home Shield prices and Choice Home Warranty prices aren’t huge, the coverage is 90% similar, and both have their own advantages and disadvantages, advocates of the service and those who believe these companies provide no real value to their customers. We hardly believe in spoon-feeding our readers but we do believe that by reading our comprehensive home warranty reviews, they could be making a sober and wise decision in regards to the company selection. We also created several similar vis a vis comparison as follows Total Protect vs American Home Shield and First American vs AHS.

With that being said we do have a rating of each and every home warranty service provider, and we have assigned Choice HW with the top-5 rating on The overall score sheet is split into several areas and our system is quite transparent about how the rankings are being made. This doesn’t necessarily mean that those who want to compare Choice Home Warranty vs American Home Shield should not read their reviews. On the contrary, it is essential to familiarize yourself with every detail of the agreement before you sign a contract with either company.

More alternatives?

The selection on isn’t confined to just American Home Shield vs. Choice Home Warranty. We cover a lot more home warranty service providers. Some are better than the others, but you will get all the information you will ever need about each of the companies and the plans they offer here.

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