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Review Home Warranties is your primary destinations if you are looking for the best home warranty reviews online. With more than 55 home warranty companies on our database, and well over 10,000 data points, we believe there is no better place across the World Wide Web for you to learn the ins and outs of each company. Review Home Warranties

We don’t exclusively write reviews, though. We take extra pride in our comprehensive and detailed guides. If you have questions about your home warranty buying process – starting from what is a home warranty, through the consideration of whether a home warranty is worth it, the average home warranty costs and deductibles, the actual coverage you are getting, and so forth – we have answers readily available for you.


What makes us unique

Home warranty information can be easily found on many websites, starting from industry specialists to supposed consumer protection sites, up to major review and comparison sites, but we believe we propose a better value proposition for the reader.

7 traits that make our website UNIQUE 🦄:

  1. More company reviews than everyone else.
  2. A deeper and more comprehensive looks into the terms of policies offered by each company.  
  3. Unique guides which are state specific like California, Maryland or Texas.  
  4. Calculators to help you find the home warranty plan you require.  
  5. High level of visualization (example), enabling readers to read more than just texts.
  6. Very high update pace for reviews and content. Every year, we make sure all of our reviews and guides are up to date.  
  7. Expanding quickly and abruptly into more areas, boasting more than 200 content pages about home warranty (our most recent article – home warranty roofing coverage).


About ReviewHomeWarranties.com

ReviewHomeWarranties.com was launched in early 2017, and since then has constantly expanded and improve its content, layout and selection of company reviews. We have worked around the clock in 2017 to write popular reviews such as our Select Home Warranty review (our top rated company) or American Home Shield review (the largest company in the market by a lag), and expose the truth behind the industry in articles like home warranty scams or is home warranty worth it?. We also created a blog section with several dozens posts about the topics of home maintenance and real estate.

Over the course of the years following 2017 we have put tremendous efforts into turning the website from a concept, boutique  and niche kind of website into an industry leader and, thanks to you – our readers, we have been successful in doing so. We boast having hundreds of thousands of visitors since inception.

We have ambitious plans for 2020 and the following years. There are several more home warranty providers in the USA which we haven’t created a full review for, and a lot more aspects to cover about home warranties that we haven’t touched yet. We will be putting our best efforts in expanding the site and turning it into the leading authority on this topic in the USA.

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About the ReviewHomeWarranties staff

Our staff consists of the following

  1. Data collection: we have a dedicated expert for collecting and collating all the data required.
  2. Insurance expert: our writer has vast experience of more than 20 years in the insurance industry, in several different core positions (not sales!).
  3. Comparison expert: our editor has 10 years of experience in the comparison of different online products. His main agenda is “accessibility”.


Our Favorite Reviews

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Our Business Model

We make money through the referral of clients to home warranty providers (a few selected ones that we have deliberately chosen to partner up with). This business arrangement is the industry’s standard. Most other home warranty review sites, and review sites in general, generate their income through client referral. That means that when you click a button on our website that leads to an external website, this link may be a partner link.

This will not cost you, the customer, any money. In fact, with some of our prominent partners we have better deals than what you would get on their website if you approach them directly.

This business model enables us to operate without any advertising, whatsoever. We do not accept paid reviews, we do not use pop-ups, we do not stuff you up with cookies or attempt to make money off of you in a sneaky way. We’re always transparent about the companies we work with and make sure to have a short disclaimer next to areas in which referral links are present.


Contacting us

We would be happy to hear of any feedback, positive, or negative, you may come up with. We are always hear to listen to your thoughts. Please don’t spam us, though. We’re kind of busy and would not appreciate clogging our inbox with garbage.