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Looking for a reliable home warranty company? Let us help you. Below you can find the current ReviewHomeWarranties' review of 365 Home Warranty for 2019. We have carefully studied the company's plans, claim policy, trustworthiness, accessibility, pricing, T&C, coverage, and client feedback, and summarized this information in a convenient way. Please read this review carefully before you make a final decision. 365 Home Warranty accepts clients from 25 states including Colorado, Florida, New York, and others.

Updated for Apr 03, 2019

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Plans and Coverage:
The Fine Print:
Editor Rating:
Reader Rating:
Covered Appliances and Systems
Facts and Figures
30 days
Effective in
$349 - $549
$500 - $1000
Pros And Cons
Low optional coverage costs
Different plan types available
Emergency service available
Free cancellation within 30 days

Tricky terms and conditions
High chance of payment delays
Poor BBB rating F
Considerable negative feedback
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Editorial Notes

365 Home Warranty has been in operation for over six years, accepting clients from 25 states. There are three different plans covering the major systems and appliances used in the home, as well as additional coverage items. It is convenient that the client can choose what systems or appliances to cover.

The 365 Home Warranty claim policy is clear and concise. However, reviews on the consumer reporting sites are mixed. For instance, there are low BBB ratings, but high Yelp ratings.

Our review indicates that although it is not the perfect company, it has good plans and coverage, a clear claim policy, and is overall trustworthy and recommended.

Premium cost level:
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Are you afraid of wasting money by dealing with an untrustworthy home warranty company? Do you want to know if you can trust 365 Home Warranty? In order to find it out, our research team has analyzed the data available online such as customer reviews on BBB, Yelp and Ripoff Report as well as the official website.

365 Home Warranty has been on the market since 2012—long enough to earn a good reputation. The company is headquartered in Edison, New Jersey, but serves customers in 25 states including Alabama, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho, and Indiana.


How to contact
Main page >> Contact us
Online chat
Social media

Another sign of a company’s trustworthiness is how easy it is to reach their representatives. Harry J. Bailey is the president and CEO of the 365 Home Warranty Corporation. If you have any questions, issues, or concerns, you can log-in to your account to request service online. Online chat is unavailable, but the warranty company is widely presented in social networks including Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and Pinterest.

Benchmarks 365 Home Warranty Other companies

Company size
No data
0 1,650
Annual revenue
No data
0 $1,276,000,000
Number of homeowners
No data
0 2,200,000
Number of BBB complaints closed within last 3 years
0 14,850
0 383,900
Number of independent contractors
No data
0 44,000


BBB accreditation
F (Not Accredited)

Better Business Bureau is a reputable authority that provides accreditation and ratings to small and meduam companies. Usually, many consumers find these ratings trustworthy because they are based on objective evaluations and the customer reviews. Unfortunately,, 365 Home Warranty BBB rating is F, and this company is not accredited by BBB.

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365 Home Warranty provides guaranteed protection against expensive repairs with their selection of plans covering major home systems and appliances. They offer three home warranty plans to suit every homeowner’s needs, the Basic, Standard, and Premium plans. As for the cost, the average annual price for a Silver plan in the industry is $500 compared to 365 Home Warranty’s at $349; $615 for the Gold plan compared to $429; and $733 for the Platinum plan compared to $549.

The Basic and Standard plans allow clients to choose the appliances and systems they want to be included. The Basic plan lets customers pick five items such as washer and dryer, cooktop, oven, exhaust fan, microwave, refrigerator, stand-alone freezer, dishwasher, water dispenser, disposal, and trash compactor, as well as ceiling fan, doorbell, and garage door. This plan is most suitable for those who don’t need plumbing or electrical system coverage.

The Gold Combo plan is a complete appliance package where items such as air conditioner, ductwork, electrical system, heating system, plumbing, and water heater will be covered.

For those homeowners who like to have everything under control in their house, the Premium plan will be the best option. It combines the Silver and Gold plans and provides coverage of an expansive list of appliances and systems.

The company has an extensive list of add-ons including pools and spas, vacuums, lawn sprinkler systems, septic systems, well pumps, water softeners, humidifiers, wine refrigerators, and freestanding ice makers.

Although their plans are on par with their competitors, 365 Home Warranty will only cover up to $500 per appliance and $1,000 per systems, which may be restrictive if you are seeking more comprehensive coverage. The minimum contract length is 12 months. Customers are responsible for paying a deductible of $75, which is the industry average.


Summary of plans and coverage:

Coverage Term
Service Call Fee
ItemsLimit Gold Combo Plan Platinum Combo Plan Silver Appliance Plan Optional Coverage
Premium Amount - $429.00 $549.00 $349.00 $49.00 - $179.00
Service Call Fee - $75.00 $75.00 $75.00 -
Term, Month - 12 12 12 12
Coverage$500.00 - $1,000.00

One of the most important things to know about a home warranty company is which items are covered and which are not. To answer this question, we have collected all relevant information in this 365 Home Warranty review. The first thing you should do is decide which home systems and appliances you want to be covered. Then come back to this review and decide if this company can provide sufficient home warranty coverage for your needs.

Air Conditioning

For central A/C, 365 Home Warranty plans cover air conditioners that do not exceed a 5-ton capacity and are designed for residential use. The coverage includes motor, compressors, condensers, and thermostats. Filters, fossil fuel control systems, humidifiers, registers and grills, and structural components are covered by the company.

As for the heating system, all mechanical parts and components of one system, burners, heat/cool thermostats, internal system controls, wiring, relays, motors (excluding dampers), switches, and electric baseboard units are covered if they are the primary source of heating for the property. Chimneys, flues, and liners, cleaning and re-lighting of burners, concrete encased or inaccessible ductwork is not provided by the company plans.

All components and parts of the humidifier with the exception of filters or other consumable parts are covered as an option. The ductwork is also covered by the 365 Home Warranty plans.

Plumbing System

365 Home Warranty will cover any breaks and leaks on exposed water, gas, and drain lines within the perimeter of the main dwelling, as well as the mechanical parts and components of the garbage disposal, interior hose bibs, shower and tub valves, toilet tanks, bowls, and toilet mechanisms within the toilet tank. An authorized repair technician will clear all drain and waste line stoppages which can be cleared within 100 feet of sewer cable, except the recurrence of stoppage within 15 days of a previous stoppage.

Note that water restrictions caused by an inadequate supply or improper design, as well as assembly parts within the water closet tank, plumbing fixtures, faucets, holding tanks, shower base pans, tub, and toilet tanks will not be covered.

The repair technicians will provide access to plumbing systems through unobstructed walls, ceilings, or floors only, and will return the access point to a rough finish.

Electrical System

Standard mechanical parts or components located within the perimeter of the outer load-bearing walls consisting of ceiling fan motors and their controls, two garage door openers, interior standard light switches, main breaker or fuse panel, and general line voltage wiring are covered by the 365 Home Warranty’s plans. On the other hand, the coverage of direct current wiring and systems, exterior wiring and components, any wiring or components servicing a detached structure, and telephone systems are not provided.

Home Appliances

For home appliances, 365 Home Warranty offers coverage for the following: washer and dryer, cooktop, oven, exhaust fan, microwave, refrigerator, stand-alone freezer, dishwasher, water dispenser, disposal, trash compactor, ceiling fan, doorbell, and garage door. All mechanical parts and components crucial to appliance operation are covered, but none of the doors, knobs, racks, trays, handles, lock and key assemblies, interior lining, and such.

Optional coverage is also available for pool and spa, central vacuum, well pump, a/c unit, septic system, and more. The price range is $49 – $179 with limits up to $500.

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The Fine Print

Comparison to Industry
Coverage effective after
Above industry average
Cancellation with refund within
Above industry average
Cancellation fee
Below industry average
Automatic policy renewal
As 5.4% of industry
Time to cancel automatic renewal
Fee for contract transfer
Above industry average
Max time to submit claim
At industry minimum
Repair timeframe
Repair timeframe (weekends and holidays)
Free second opinion
Emergency service available
As 86.8% of industry
Hours for service calls
As 85.2% of industry
Reservice if repairs fail
Standard for industry
Free reservice period (parts)
Above industry average
Free reservice period (labor)
At industry minimum

It was easy to find the 365 Home Warranty policy terms and conditions, as they were clearly stated on the company’s website. For information about service fees, what is covered under each plan, what is not covered, and what the limits are, you can click on “Terms” on the homepage. You can also find a sample of the contract to get acquainted with in advance. 

The company has a very good cancellation period with a full refund within 30 days in case the customer is not satisfied with the service. The coverage is effective after 30 days, which is above the industry average. The cancellation fee is $30, which is less than customary. The fee for contract transfer to a new home is $50.

The free reservice period for parts is 90 days which is above the industry average, while labor is 30 days. The warranty company provides emergency service as well as reservice if repairs fail.

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Customer Reviews and Feedback

Quotes from actual customer reviews:

I paid for a year warranty renewal (my 3rd year). First two years were fabulous but now I can't get in touch with ANYONE!!!!! They had no problem taking my money but they haven't answered their phones and not responding to messages left on their face book account.

BBB, March 22, 2018

They have been ok on basic plumbing issues but did a pre-approval for an a/c replacement but now don't want to issue my money back to me. In addition to that, I have been unable to get a person on the phone for over 2 weeks of daily calling.

Facebook Reviews, April 16, 2018

Summary of ratings from popular review sites:

365 Home Warranty Industry Average


Relative Score

Adjusted Score

Ripoff Report
Google Reviews
Facebook Reviews

Summary Rating

Types of repairs performed according to customer feedback:

Air conditioner Water heater Plumbing Water softener Dryer Microwave Disposal Garage door Washer

Main takeaway points from customer feedback:

365 Home Warranty
Industry Average
Good work
Professional contractor
Good communication
Money offer
Fast work
Act of good faith
Communication problems
Repair delay
Claim denial
Unprofessional contractor
Unexpected costs
Tricky terms
Payment delay

Before you choose a home warranty company, you should check other people’s opinions about it. In this section, our team has collected 365 reviews from several consumer reporting sites, including the BBB, Ripoff Report, Yelp and Google Reviews.

365 Home Warranty’s Yelp rating of 2.0 out of 5 stars is above the average of 1.5 and 3.3 stars respectively across the industry.

As we have analyzed the 365 home warranty reviews, we found that a total of 9% of customers compared to 4% of the industry average praised the reimbursement offer, while 45% complained about communication problems, which is 29% more than the industry average. About a quarter of the clients also stated repair delays, which is more than the industry average of 11%.

365 Home Warranty is not accredited with the BBB. Overall, this company’s summary rating is average in the industry.

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The Final Words

Is 365 Home Warranty good?

365 Home Warranty has been on the market since 2012 earning a solid reputation of homeowners from 25 states, including Colorado, Florida, New York, and others.

The company has a good selection of plans and offers home warranty coverage for basic systems and appliances. There are three plan options to meet the unique needs of the client: Basic, Standard, and Premium, with a broad range of additional coverage available. There is an opportunity to choose what you want to be covered.

The terms and conditions are clearly stated on the official website. Upon reviewing consumer reports, it was found that most complaints were concerning communication and repair delays, while positive reviews praised the company’s reimbursement offer.

To get a free 365 Home Warranty quote, you can click the “Get A Free Quote” button on the homepage.

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