The USA home warranty industry was founded back in the 1970s when the real estate market experienced steady growth. During this period, newly emerged USA home protection companies began to offer home service contracts, which are known today as ‘warranties.’ Such offers quickly gained popularity among homeowners.

Today, millions of these American warranties are sold every year in the U.S. These home warranty plans cover the repairs of major home systems and appliances. Home systems include electrical, plumbing, heating, and air conditioning. Home appliances that are included in this form of insurance include ovens, built-in microwaves, refrigerators, dishwashers, and so on.

The contractual limitations in the U.S. include the number of covered units, their size, and location. Some companies limit dollar amounts per home system, and others have an overall limit per contract period. Once the limit is reached the company will no longer pay for any repairs or replacements.

Localization has a tremendous VALUE in the American warranty services field. Some time local companies or providers can offer you better services and plans than a National US home warranty. View a list of USA home warranties divided by states.

Please, also, find below vendors for some of the most popular cities for home warranties in the USA.

America's Best Home Warranty - Popular States

Home warranty Arizona

Have you protected your wallet from any unexpected expenses on home repairs? View suitable providers in Arizona that will take care of your home systems and appliances, and will help you save money.

Best Arizona Home Warranty
Home warranty Texas

The second largest state in the U.S., Texas welcomes thousands of new homeowners every year. Whether you are a homebuyer or a home seller, it is good to be protected from unexpected costs on repairs.

Best Texas Home Warranty
Home warranty California

The most populated state in the U.S., California offers great home coverage for all homeowners, home buyers, and home sellers. To check availability, please click on the button below.

Best California Home Warranty
Home warranty Georgia

From the big city of Atlanta to the smallest towns, many homeowners protect their home systems and appliances. To find the right coverage for your Georgia home, click the button below.

Best Georgia Home Warranty
Home warranty Virginia

Virginia residents have a great selection of plans for home sellers, home buyers, and homeowners. Many real estate agents in Virginia offer coverage to clients as an incentive to buy new houses.

Best Virginia Home Warranty
Home warranty Utah

Beehive state citizens are known for their thrift and industry, and this is why they protect their homes with warranties and insurance. To see which plan will work best for you, click the button below.

Best Utah Home Warranty
Home warranty Florida

The Sunshine State real estate market welcomes new homeowners every year. Spend your golden years worry-free by purchasing coverage for your home in Florida that will help you protect your investment.

Best Florida Home Warranty
Home warranty Ohio

From Cleveland to Cincinnati, any household in Ohio may be eligible for the best protection on the market. By clicking on the button below, you will be able to check the availability of providers in Ohio.

Best Ohio Home Warranty
Home warranty Colorado

Homeowners in Colorado enjoy great views of the mountains and have peace of mind by protecting their homes with coverage from the best service providers that we present.

Best Colorado Home Warranty
Home warranty Indiana

From Indianapolis to the smallest town in Indiana, any resident can find the best coverage for their dwelling. It is a good way to protect your wallet from any unexpected spending on house repairs.

Best Indiana Home Warranty
Home warranty Maryland

Maryland welcomes new home buyers, home sellers, and existing homeowners with a great selection of coverage options from well-known providers that earned a good reputation among customers.

Best Maryland Home Warranty
Home warranty Arkansas

Many homeowners in Arkansas choose to protect their home systems and appliances from malfunctions and their wallet from huge bills on repairs. Let us help you select reputable service providers.

Best Arkansas Home Warranty
Home warranty New York

Regardless of where you live, Upstate New York, New York City or Long Island, we will help you find the right home warranty company that will cover the home systems and appliances in your dwelling.

Best New York Home Warranty
Home warranty Nevada

From Carson City and Las Vegas to the smallest towns, a home warranty in Nevada is available to any homeowner. will help you find the best home warranty plan for your house.

Best Nevada Home Warranty
Home warranty North Carolina

The best home warranty companies in North Carolina offer their services to our customers. Please read the reviews, compare plans and select the one that would satisfy all your needs for a home warranty.

Best North Carolina Home Warranty
Home warranty Illinois

From Chicago to the smallest towns, home warranty companies in Illinois will provide coverage for any household. Let us help you find the best home warranty plan that will fit your needs.

Best Illinois Home Warranty
Home warranty Michigan

From Oakland County to Benton Harbor, home warranty companies in Michigan provide services to any homeowner. We will help you find the best home warranty plan that will cover any all items on your list.

Best Michigan Home Warranty
Home warranty New Jersey

From the smallest apartment to the biggest house in the neighborhood, the best home warranty companies in New Jersey will help you save your time and money on home repairs.

Best New Jersey Home Warranty
Home warranty Pennsylvania

From Philadelphia and Pittsburgh to the smallest towns in the mountains, home warranty companies in Pennsylvania will provide coverage for any house, townhouse or condo.

Best Pennsylvania Home Warranty

Finding The Right American Home Warranty Service to Serve Your Needs - Regardless of Where You Live

Home Warranties in the US are special (see below). The best home warranties provide the most comprehensive coverage for all major home systems and American home appliances.

Coverage may vary significantly from company to company. Most providers in the U.S. offer basic coverage that may include only the main systems of the home and a very limited number of appliances. 

Which parts of your house should be covered under a home warranty?

Many customers prefer to cover either home systems or home appliances. For their convenience, some warranty providers, like Select Home Warranty or American Home Guard, offer customized coverage that specifically meets their needs. All you need to do is figure out whether these companies operate in your area and whether or not you can receive services from this US home warranty based company. 

Some American home service companies offer more extensive warranty services that may include all home systems and kitchen and laundry appliances. Additionally, many of them offer optional coverage for items such as pool and spa, central vacuum cleaner, wine cooler, second refrigerator, and so on. The best American warranty providers in the U.S. also offer extra services, such as pest control, lawn sprinkler system repairs, and roof leak repairs.

Covering specific cities

We have recently started creating specialized guides on a city basis, rather than a state basis. Some massive cities in the USA like Las Vegas and Houston have so much interest for home warranties, that they deserve a page of their own. The cost of a home warranty in the us can vary between the different states and providers across the country. A solid home warranty service usually costs between $20 to $50 per month.

Did you know that US home warranties are unique?

In other places around the world, like in the U.K. for instance, a home warranty costs much more. However, don’t let it fool you - these are not similar warranty services. A British home warranty implies for an insurance for new build houses and homes. On the other side, an American home warranty is something else. US home protection (a synonym for a home warranty) refers to the product we know - a home appliance insurance service.


You can find diverse home warranties in U.S.A. This industry was founded 50 years ago in our great country and growing ever since. There are a lot of service providers and different kind of plans offered by them. When you want to purchase one of these American home protection warranties you must try to find the best service provider that suits your needs. Each state has its own operating providers. Most of the big companies work almost nationwide, but it may be better to use a more local service. It might sometime reveal a world of new opportunities in terms of the fees you pay and services you get. According to our experts, localization is one of the key to find a better warranty service and more reliable one.

If you just moved the U.S. and looking to buy a home warranty - welcome! We advise you to make sure you pay for the right service - an American home warranty is not similar to what you may know!