Each company offers a variety of home warranty plans that would fit the needs of any homeowner, home buyer or home seller. The plan cost depends on the coverage. Some plans cover some home systems and some appliances, with an option to add more items later for an extra price. Other plans include home systems only or appliances only. We have prepared home warranty plan reviews for each company, and here we discuss different types of plans available on the market:

Premier Plan

Some home warranty companies, such as TotalProtect Home Warranty or Secure Home Warranty, prefer to separate home systems and appliances into two different plans. In Systems Plan, they offer coverage for plumbing, heating, air conditioning, and electrical system, their parts and components. This plan works the best for those homeowners who have their appliances recently updated and still covered under the manufacturer's warranty.

Cheapest Premier Plan providers

Company Rating Premier Plan Cost
 Choice Home Warranty Review
4.95 Stars
 Home Security of America Review
4.17 Stars
 Old Republic Home Protection Review
4.16 Stars

Basic Plan

Basic Plan, also know as Standard Coverage, usually includes heating, electrical and plumbing systems and major kitchen appliances: oven, built-in microwave, dishwasher, and refrigerator. Some companies include clothes washer and dryer in it. Basic plan usually works best for home sellers because it keeps their property protected while listed. New homeowners and first time home buyers also like to purchase Standard Coverage in order to try home warranty. Many homeowners later add more items to their Basic Plan or switch to the next level plan.

Cheapest Basic Plan providers

Company Rating Basic Plan Cost
 Choice Home Warranty Review
4.95 Stars
 Old Republic Home Protection Review
4.16 Stars
 2-10 Home Buyers Warranty Review
4.14 Stars

Appliances Plan

Those homeowners who think their appliances need more coverage than their home systems may select the Appliance Plan. This home warranty plan usually includes such appliances as stove/oven/cooktop, built-in microwave, refrigerator, dishwasher, garbage disposal, and clothes washer and dryer.

Cheapest Appliances Plan providers

Company Rating Appliances Plan Cost
 Select Home Warranty Review
4.75 Stars
 TotalProtect Home Warranty Review
4.19 Stars
 American Home Shield Review
4.15 Stars

Combo Plan

The same companies that offer separate plans for home systems and appliances also have Combo Plans that combine coverage from these two plans. It may also be called Total Plan or Premier Plan. Similar to Premier Plan, it includes most home systems and appliances.

Cheapest Combo Plan providers

Company Rating Combo Plan Cost
 Landmark Home Warranty Review
4.55 Stars
 TotalProtect Home Warranty Review
4.19 Stars
 American Home Shield Review
4.15 Stars

Optional Coverage

Almost every home warranty company has a list of items that may be added to any of the plans mentioned above. These items may include pool and spa, water well, water softener, stand-alone freezer, additional refrigerator, central vacuum, septic tank, and many more. Additionally, some companies include such services, as roof leak repair and pest control. All these items are priced separately.
In summary, we can say that with this variety of plans, any homeowner, home buyer or home seller will find the best home warranty plan that would give them peace of mind and save their bank accounts from the unexpected expenses on home repairs and replacements.