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ReviewHomeWarranty.com is the primary destinations for individuals who are looking for the best home warranty company reviews on the market.  We pride ourselves as the best in the business based on our subjective estimation, of course, but this is what we offer, in a nutshell:

  • More comprehensive reviews than any other site on the internet, which includes thorough research of policies and T&C, as well as aggregation of feedback from the entire web.
  • More passion and specific expertise in this field than anyone of our competitors which are covering a plethora of industries, normally.
  • Sober, well-elaborated, choices why we prefer one company over another.


About ReviewHomeWarranties.com

The site was JUST launched in early 2017. It is expected to continue grow at a staggering pace, with more reviews, more top-lists, and more Q&A articles. We predict that we will become the leading site in this field by the end of 2017 – ambitious, we know, but we honestly think our product is the best currently on the market.

About the staff

The site employees several part time employees. These employees, which for the time being will remain clandestine, focus on this areas:

  1. Data collection: we have a dedicated expert for collecting and collating all the data required.
  2. Insurance expert: our writer has vast experience of more than 20 years in the insurance industry, in several different core positions (not sales!).
  3. Comparison expert: our editor has 10 years of experience in the comparison of different online products. His main agenda is “accessibility”


Contacting us

We would be happy to hear of any feedback, positive, or negative, you may come up with. We are always hear to listen to your thoughts. Please don’t spam us, though. We’re kind of busy and would not appreciate clogging our inbox with garbage. Our email is